Joshua and Vernon of SEVENTEEN: Full Profile and ‘IdolHits’ Appearances

Seventeen’s Latest News


Latest Comeback

The boy band Seventeen has been added to the list of K-Pop groups that will return with a new album in January. Sources from Pledis Entertainment said,¬†“S.Coup and his friends will be back on January 21st.”

“We are currently in the final stages of working on a new album and will work hard to prepare well,” said the source, as reported by Soompi.

The 13 members who debuted in 2015 were also reported to have completed filming the music videos for the new songs. The album titled You Make My Day became the last project they completed in 2018 before releasing this new album.

But they could show their latest single titled “Getting Closer” when performing at the 2018 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong on December 14th. Some of the famous and interesting Seventeen songs are “Don’t Want Cry,” “Pretty U,” “Clap,” and many more. Some of the artists that have been reported making a comeback in January include iKON, WJSN, Gfriend, Astro, and many more.

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Seventeen’s Fans Problem with Pledis Entertainment

Recently among the SEVENTEEN fandom, there were quite a number of problems that occurred between the fans and the agency, Pledis Entertainment. In short, some fans have noticed that the recent teaser MV “Getting Closer” was uploaded on the Youtube Pledis Entertainment channel and not on the Official SEVENTEEN Youtube Channel. It also scared them that Pledis Entertainment had plans to combine two channels that would benefit the agency and not SEVENTEEN.

However, Pledis Entertainment also discussed this issue and showed no signs of changing their decision about combining the two channels. Fans decided to take action by spreading the boycott movement on the Youtube Pledis Entertainment channel. Instead, they also watched the “Getting Closer” MV on V-Live.

That’s not the only reason, because some fans also found out that the SEVENTEEN trademark logo was only registered on June 3rd, 2017, not on the date of SEVENTEEN’s debut that was actually May 26th, 2015. Some fans also questioned the reason why Pledis Entertainment decided to register a trademark so late and wondered if they just did it because SEVENTEEN are ‘big’ now.

This reminds us of the incident when Highlight was no longer able to use their original group name BEAST, when they left Cube Entertainment. In situations where a member leaves SEVENTEEN after their contract expires, fans still hope that they will be able to use the name SEVENTEEN.

In addition, some SEVENTEEN Korean fans also approached the Korean Choreography Association to find out that the last choreography listed under the name of a SEVENTEEN member was ‘VERY NICE,’ which was released on July 4th, 2016. Choreography released after that doesn’t appear to be registered with their names which caused the fans to get suspicious of the way Pledis Entertainment handled this situation.

Fans are again worried that if a member leaves Pledis Entertainment, members will not have the right to use the songs and choreography listed under SEVENTEEN. In other words, Pledis Entertainment seems to have made it difficult for SEVENTEEN to leave the company.

Finally, fans also criticized how Pledis Entertainment said that they would provide a better environment for the members but in reality, they did not keep their promise. Since then, fans have taken actions into their own hands to protect the members of SEVENTEEN.

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