Joo Jin-mo (born 1974): Profile and Facts

Joo Jin-mo’s Movies and Dramas

200 Pounds Beauty (2006)

Joo Jin Mo

This article will not be complete if we don’t talk about his popular works. This movie gained huge popularity for its storyline, which surpassed the Asia market and made Joo Jin-mo more popular not only in South Korea but also around Asia. This movie was about an overweight girl, Hanna (Kim Ah Joong), who worked as a phone-sex part-timer and a ghost singer for a popular idol, Ammy. She fell in love with a charismatic music director, Han Sang Jun (played by Joo Jin-mo) but later on, she was hurt by the fact that she was only used for her singing ability by Ammy and Sang Jun. She decided to undergo a plastic surgery and changer her identity in order to become a beautiful lady with a perfect body shape who goes by the name of Jenny.

A Frozen Flower (2008)

‘A Frozen Flower’ was rated as an erotic historical movie, and gained a success for its release which drove many people’s interest. This movie became a huge talk in town for its controversial story between characters, and it’s graphic depictions of sexuality which used to be considered a taboo issue in South Korean society. This story was based on a tale about King Gongmin during his reign in Goryeo Dynasty, and Joo Jin-mo played this King who gathered young boys to become his elite troops. Albeit his status as a King and a married man to a Yuan princess, he was actually deeply in love with his own captain bodyguard, Hong Lim (Jo In Sung), and they had an intimate secret relationship which later started to change as the King asked the latter to sleep with the Queen in order to produce an heir. This movie became a challenge for him, as he had never attempted to take a role in an adult movie, let along as a homosexual. Although, he revealed in an interview that he felt awkward and couldn’t even look Jo In Sung in the eyes after they filmed the gay scenes, he was praised for his outstanding acting and this movie led to him winning Best Actor at the 2009 Baeksang Arts Awards.

Empress Ki (2013)

‘Empress Ki’ helped him enter the spotlight as he was recognized for his acting and great chemistry with his fellow co-star, Ha Ji Won, in this 51-episodes MBC historical Korean drama. He had successfully captivated the viewers’ heart with his role as King Wang Yoo, a Goryeo King who fell in love with an ordinary Goryeo woman, Ki Seung Nyang (Ha Ji Won). This drama mainly focuses on the story of Seung Nyang and her love triangle with the Goryeo King and a Yuan Emperor, Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook), and how she transforms into a Yuan Empress, as she struggled to get revenge for her loved ones. This drama gained high ratings during the time it was airing, which led to him winning the Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Project Drama at the 2013 MBC Drama Awards, after getting positive reviews and feedback for his standout acting skills in portraying his character in the drama. This success also led to the drama being ranked as the Best Foreign Programme, and became the second Korean drama after ‘Jewel In The Palace’ for its ability to get popularity among Taiwanese fans.

Here is the full list of his movies and dramas:

Year Title (Drama)
1990 Sad Temptation
2000 Look Back in Anger
2003 Punch
2005 Fashion 70’s
2006 Queen of The Game
2009 Dream
2013 Flowers in Fog
Empress Ki
2015 This Is My Love
2016 Woman with a Suitcase


Year Title (Movie)
1999 Dance Dance
Happy End
2000 Real Fiction
2001 Musa: The Warrior
Wanee & Junah
2004 Liar
2006 Puzzle
200 Pounds Beauty
2007 A Love
2008 A Frozen Flower
2010 A Better Tomorrow
2012 Gabi
2013 Friend: The Great Legacy


Now, what do you think about him? Isn’t he a great and charismatic actor? Well, now after seeing his profile, facts, and his filmography, we might agree that he is definitely one of the best actors that South Korea has ever had.