Momoland’s JooE’s Profile: Pre-Debut, New Look, Brother, Etc.

Momoland’s JooE’s Performances on Stages: The Booming of “Bboom Bboom”


Momoland might have debuted in November 2016, but it wasn’t easy for the girls to reach their popularity among other K-pop girl and boy groups. Momoland was doing great, but there were others K-pop groups that also did great. It was hard to compete, but JooE and the girls are always having positive vibes.

Eventually, Momoland’s song called “Bboom Bboom” was so hype that everyone in Korea liked the song. Everyone means everyone because children and the elderly also liked their song. The dance is awesome, the song is catchy, and everything is just so perfect.

With this song, Momoland got their first win ever. Congrats, Momoland!

Let’s see the performances of the girls with their popular song “Bboom Bboom!”

Not only “Bboom Bboom,” but there are also other Momoland songs that are so easy to listen to. Try to listen to the song while watching the girls performing. JooE’s expressions and dancing skills when she was on stage are really something!

Momoland is a really great girl group. It’s so sad to know that there are people who sleep on them. Seeing them performing nicely like that, you won’t regret it if you stan them now.

Anyway, for now, let’s see the videos that have JooE only so we can focus on her better!

What do you think of JooE’s performances? She’s really a good performer on stage, too!

Momoland’s JooE’s Hairstyles


As a K-pop idol, JooE is almost always changing her hairstyle to a lot of styles. Just like other idols, she often changes her hair color or style whenever her group is making a comeback. JooE looks so bright with blonde hair. She also looks cute with pink hair.

Now, let’s see some of the hairstyles that JooE has tried from time to time!

jooe momoland

What do you think of JooE’s hairstyles? Which of her hairstyles do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments, please!

Momoland’s JooE’s Family: Her Brother Defending Her from Haters, Her Lovely Mother and Father, Etc.

No wonder JooE is such a happy virus to everyone around her. She has been living in this world surrounded by her family that always has a positive vibe around her. Although never appearing in a variety show, JooE has called her parents at home and showed how loving her mother and father are towards her.

Her brother, Lee Jae-min, also appeared in the video. Just like most brothers, JooE’s brother doesn’t really show words of affection towards her. But then again, we all know that deep down inside, her brother loves her so much. It’s just how he shows his love to JooE.

As an idol, JooE sometimes gets hate comments from netizens. Some bad things such as her looks or bad rumors about her that weren’t true were filled in some sections. It was so bad that JooE’s brother defended JooE and asked netizens to stop mocking his only sister.

momoland jooe

There was a post that said a bad thing about JooE’s looks on a Korean online forum. JooE’s brother who is a judo athlete knocked them down with words. First of all, he said thank you to the poster sarcastically. And then, he said that if the poster used their real name instead of going anonymously, JooE’s brother would make sure they wish they were dead.

momoland jooe

What a cool brother he is! JooE is so lucky to be surrounded by her lovely family!

Momoland’s JooE’s New Look


After seeing JooE with her bright hair colors, you must be wondering what she will look like when she has dark hair. Well, it still suits her a lot, too! Let’s see JooE’s new, more mature look of dark, long hair and, of course, mature make-up.


What do you think of JooE’s new look? She’s now an adult, unlike when she had just made her debut back in 2016. Of course, the mature look suits her, too. Thus, it doesn’t change her bright personality, and she’s just as cute as she is with any kind of look she has.


That’s all the info about Momoland’s JooE that we gathered for you to understand her better. What do you think of JooE? She’s just too lovely and has a nice personality. Even though she’s always smiling, there are still some bad comments about her. It is so sad to see that kind of thing since her parents and brother are proudly watching her from afar. Hopefully, JooE will get all the love she deserves in the future.

What do you think of JooE’s charms? Which of her charms do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments, please!