About Joo Won: Profile, Girlfriend, Movies, Dramas, Plastic Surgery, and Facts

All About Joo Won’s Love Life, Rumored Past Lovers, & Ex-Girlfriend

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Based on some resources, it was revealed that he’s had 3 relationships in total. After his debut, work became intense such that even if there was someone he was interested in, he did not have the time to pursue the interest, and over time, they would drift apart. The biggest headline about his love life was none other than the fact that he was dating singer BoA! Check out his love life rumors & facts below!

Joo Won and BoA

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  • On January 18, 2017 it was officially confirmed that he was in a relationship with the singer and actress BoA. Media outlet TV Report claimed that BoA and Joo Won have been dating since the latter half of 2016, having met through acquaintances. The two reportedly enjoy several similar hobbies like golfing and hiking, and ‘are a pleasant couple who care for each other and are careful of their relationship’.
  • On May 15th 2017, Joo Won attended the press conference for his upcoming SBS drama ‘My Sassy Girl,’ where he mentioned his girlfriend BoA’s message just before his military enlistment. The actor shared that BoA told him, “It may seem like a long time, but it’s really not… return safely and in healthy condition.”
  • On November 13, 2017 it was confirmed that his relationship with BoA ended for personal reasons.

Joo Won’s Past Romace & Behaviors Towards Love

  • Private life questions are typically taboo for Hallyu stars, especially when it’s about relationships. However, although some reporters intruded into the ‘Restricted Area’ for questions, Joo Won usually laughed and answered magnanimously. He once said that “It’s hard to get into a relationship. When I see someone I like, I step back instead and carefully observe whether the other party is suitable for me. Is she the right one? I will think a lot. But if I have someone I like, dating is the prerequisite to marriage. To me, the one I date should be my marriage ideal. Because there are two sons in my family, I hope that my other half can get along with my parents just like a daughter would“.
  • Joo Won reveals he’s not the type to play hard to get when it comes to dating.
  • His first love was in high school sophomore, a classmate.
  • When talking about his first girlfriend he said, “I’m the type that’s very expressive, so I told her that I loved her a lot. My girlfriend must have gotten fed up with that, so she broke up with me over a text message.” He confessed that he always woke his girlfriend up in the morning, and only slept after she did at night. Even when she broke up with him, he replied back to her, “Okay, I’ll cheer you on from now on.
  • If he fall into a love triangle, he will end it immediately. “Based on my character, this will not happen“.
  • I have not been in a love triangle, but being confessed to by 2 women, yes. I did not choose either one“.
  • He confessed that he once used white candles and arranged them in a heart shape when he confessed his love a long time ago. “This is the limit I can do! Although I was very keen to do this at that time, I thought I couldn’t do it if it was very troublesome. I have grown up and really can’t do this anymore“.

Joo Won’s Ideal Types

  • Ideal types : “Must be kind. From when I was young, I already liked people who are kind. When I grew up, I realized that outward appearance is temporary, the most important is being kind and having good manners. A person who loves to laugh looks the most beautiful“.
  • You can tell a person from her personality. When I don’t know her well, I will definitely be charmed by her pretty looks first. But once I communicate with her and realize her personality is different from my expectations, I might not proceed to make friends with her. Conversely if the other person doesn’t attract me physically but after talking to her, she may become pretty to me. Because I believe good personality makes a person pretty. Whereas intelligent or not, I think to be able to communicate well is good enough. I admit I am not a very intelligent person, so I don’t expect her to be a genius.
  • Joo Won doesn’t want his girlfriend to wear skirts. He said he doesn’t like girls who wear revealing clothes, adding it’s not very polite. “I don’t like girls who wear skirts. I like a girl who always wears pants,” Joo Won said on the talk show Witch Hunt. Joo Won added he likes it when girls are shy. Discussing a fan’s story, he said, “I like it when my girlfriend is shy at first, instead of being overly touchy. As a relationship develops, people become more honest about their feelings.”
  • I like a cheerful woman (smiling). She should have a gentle heart who can make everyone around her happy with and she should always be optimistic. If you can live with this kind of woman, no matter what the problem you have been with, she can make you feel good, relaxed and cheerful with her. For the beauty, she may not have to be so pretty, actually. If she is pretty and has a good heart like I said, it would be good. However, if she is very pretty, but her heart is not OK, I think I won’t really like her. I prefer looking at the beauty from inside“.