About Joo Won: Profile, Girlfriend, Movies, Dramas, Plastic Surgery, and Facts

Joo Won’s Habits, Dreams, & Skills

  • He has another dream of being an acting teacher. He would like to teach students who are interested in acting.
  • Joo Won has a sweet, deep singing voice.
  • He always goes to sleep early and gets up early.
  • He occassionally takes the subway.
  • If he were to win 10 million won, he wishes to stay in a beautiful home filled with sunlight.
  • If he were to go for cosmetic surgery, the body part he would correct is his cheekbones.
  • He can’t drink (alcohol). Even he meets up with friends, they just drink coffee and chat. If he has filming next day, he stays home and rest. He absolutely don’t go out. His eyes go red only after 2 shots of Soju. Once, he tried having chat over a drink of beer with senior Yoo Hae Jin and ended up falling asleep right through to the next morning.
  • Having debuted as a musical actor, it was previously revealed that he loves singing karaoke. In fact he is a mic hog.
  • He often checks fan websites because his fans always praise him and give him courage and strength, and he doesn’t read criticism. “I often go to fan sites, and try to respond to at least 10 messages a day. I always gain a lot of strength and encouragement from fan messages“.
  • He always works out his body, for example swimming and walking, especially before filming a drama. He lives in Seoul, but is not totally familiar with Seoul. Thus, he will walk for 5-6 hours every day, around 5-6 days each week. When he reaches beautiful places, he will stop for a cup of tea.
  • He enjoys roaming about in Seoul. His record was a 10km stroll through Seoul shopping, and there is evidence of that too, there are pictures he took of sights and people along the way which have been shared on his IG account.
  • He is rather good at cooking. In the past when he was not so busy, he did the housekeeping himself.
  • He had always used baby lotion before knowing more about skincare.
  • His first preference is non-oily products for skincare, he is not too concerned about the fragrance. Also, if the product contains too much alcohol, his skin becomes sensitive after shaving and will get red and sore, so he likes skin care products with less alcohol content.
  • He avoids carbohydrates, his meals are mainly vegetables and foods rich in protein. He also takes lots of vitamin C and lactobacillus.

Joo Won’s Image & Personality

  • He was often compared to Lee Seung Gi, as the youngest member with a handsome face, singing ability, and multi-entertainer. At this, Joo Won always replied with modesty that he wishes to become multi-entertainer just like Lee Seung Gi one day.
  • He spends a lot of time alone, but that’s not entirely a bad thing. In an interview with Star 1, Joo Won admitted that he finds dating hard and acting is a lonely profession. When he does see his friends, they go to a café and talk. Or they go bowling or do karaoke. “When I have free time I like driving to the park and taking a nap. I like sips of coffee while staring at the sky and listening to music. Then I just call up my friends. I want to travel, but honestly I just enjoy thinking and talking more. It’s a good way to relieve stress too”.
  • He thinks he is handsome after taking a bath and putting on face cream.
  • Joo Won is unusually shy in person. When he came to Singapore, he spoke through a translator at his press conference hours before his public meet and greet. The actor appeared rather reserved, as he only revealed his elusive smiles when faced with playful questions about puberty and his weight loss. The Korean star was a man of a few words too, keeping his replies brief while peppering them with the occasional chuckles and brooding glances.
  • He thinks he is the type who thinks and agonizes a lot. “If I lose that child-like part of me, I may collapse under certain circumstances. So, it’s better to be pure and not have any distracting thoughts as I go about doing things.
  • I actually don’t see myself as a really nice person. I just try to be considerate of others regardless of time or place. However, I will admit that having to perpetually consider all things and take into account everyone’s feelings does get difficult and tiring. I just hope that the impression that everyone has of me is that I am a good person. Regardless, I believe that as long as you approach things with the spirit of kindness, everything will work out for the good“.
  • I’m an easygoing person, and don’t have too much of an opinion of things. While I’m at work, I try my best to create and maintain a good working environment because I believe this makes it easier for those who have to work alongside me“.
  • Joo Won held a fan meeting on October 4, 2014, to donate to a spastic cerebral palsy patient and a surgery patient. The first patient was 17-year-old Kim Young Soo, who was suffering from spastic cerebral palsy. The second patient was a young teenager who was receiving vascular surgery and neurosurgery, and donations went to his multicultural family to aid them in their hardship as well as for his treatment.

Joo Won’s Favorites, Dislikes, & Possessions

  • He has an SUV. It is fast and its shock absorber also works well, good enough that a car can give him the impression of sturdiness and toughness.
  • He dislikes very noisy places. He doesn’t eat chicken feet and sundae (TN: A Korean dish made of pig’s or cow’s intestines).
  • Striking bowling with male friends is the happiness in his life.
  • He likes tvN’s variety program “The Genius”.
  • He likes to drink coffee.
  • He likes playing soccer.
  • He likes to wear simple clothes, because he wants it to be harmonious with everyone else. He doesn’t want to wear too much and outshine others.