After Dating for a Year, Actor Joo Won and Singer BoA Have Broken Up! What Happened?

Joo Won and BoA

Actor Joo Won and Singer BoA Have Broken Up!

In November 2017, Actor Joo Won and singer BoA were confirmed to have separated ways. Joo Won’s agency, Huayi Brothers confirmed that Joo Won and BoA had broken up, and implicitly said that they didn’t know the reason why the couple parted ways because it was related with Joo won’s personal lives.

Joo Won and BoA’s relationship was confirmed in January 2017. It was reported that the couple began dating each other from the end of 2016. They met in a gathering of their respective colleagues and acquaintances. They both had many similarities such as hobbies and values. They both enjoyed hiking and golf and were attracted towards one another because of their healthy lifestyles. They were also said to have similar taste in music.

Joo Won and BoA also talked to each other about acting. Joo Won was quoted saying he had watched BoA’s drama My Wife Is Having an Affair This Week and gave her advice. One source close to the two admitted that the communication between Joo Won and BoA went very well, because they both had similar tastes and interests about the same thing. The source added that many around them were envious because they seemed to cherish one another.

There was speculation that TVXQ’s Jung Yun-ho was the matchmaker behind Joo Won and BoA’s relationship. BoA and Yun-ho were both under SM Entertainment and have had the same-aged friends for over 10 years. Meanwhile, Joo Won previously mentioned in an interview that he had close relationship with Yun-ho.

Joo Won and BoA

On May 16, 2017, a few months after the couple were confirmed to be dating each other, Joo Won was officially enlisted in the army. In a press conference before his enlistment, he said that his girlfriend, BoA told him that his military service might feel long on one hand, and on the other hand, it wasn’t such a long time and told him to come back well and healthy.

However, six months later Joo Won and BoA were confirmed to had broken up. Many netizens thought that the reason for their broke up was because of their long distance relationship.

Joo Won is currently serving as an assistant instructor of the assault battalion, part of 23rd infantry regiment of the skeleton unit. Joo Won will be discharged from the army on February 15, 2019. Meanwhile, BoA had recently celebrated her 18th debut anniversary in August 2018.