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Actor Joo Sang-wook’s Most Popular Drama

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Having worked on many dramas since debuting, actor Joo Sang-wook is widely known for the romantic drama, “Birth of a Beauty”. The drama aired from November 2014 untill January 2015. It tells the story of a kind-hearted but overweight woman, named Sa Geum-ran who was abandoned by her husband. Sa Geum-ran then met Han Tae-hee who was played by Joo Sang-wook. In the drama, Joo Sang-wook helped her to transform into a very beautiful lady through diet and surgery. After transforming into a beautiful woman, she then tried to ruin her ex husband’s marriage with the help of Joo Sang-wook, but then they started to fell in love with each other.

Complete List of Joo Sang-wook’s TV Shows

No. TV Show Title Role Year Network
1. “Docu X” Lee Jin Soo 1997 SBS
2. “New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Know” 1998 KBS1
3. “MBC Best Theater” 2006 MBC
4. “Air City” Ahn Kang Hyun 2007 MBC
5. “Kimcheed Radish Cubes” Park Jae Woo 2007 MBC
6. Drama City “North Koreans to Come Out of Hiding” Park 2007 KBS2
7. Drama City “The Love Revenger, Miss Jo” Lee Ki Hyeon 2008 KBS2
8. “One Mom and Three Dads” Jung Chan Young 2008 KBS2
9. “Chunja’s Happy Events” Lee Joo Hyuj 2008 MBC
10. “The Accidental Couple” Kim Kang Mo 2009 KBS2
11. “Queen Seondeok” Wolya 2009 MBC
12. “Giant” Jo Min Woo 2010 SBS
13. “Paradise Ranch” Seo Yun Ho 2011 SBS
14. “My Princess” Hyun Woo (cameo in ep. 9) 2011 MBC
15. “The Thorn Birds” Lee Young Jo 2011 KBS2
16. “Special Affairs Team TEN” Yeo Ji Hoon 2011 OCN
17. “You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here” Sang Hoon (cameo) 2011 MBN
18. “Feast of the Gods” Choi Jae Ha 2012 MBC
19. “Special Affairs Team TEN” Season 2 Yeo Ji Hoon 2013 OCN
20. “Good Doctor” Kim Do Han 2013 KBS2
21. “After School: Lucky or Not” cameo in ep. 3 2013 BTV
22. “Waiting for Love” cameo in ep. 2 2013 KBS2
23. “I Need Romance 3” Joo Yeon’s ex. boyfriend (cameo in ep. 1) 2013 KBS2
24. “Birth of a Beauty” Han Tae Hee 2014 SBS
25. “Cunning Single Lady” Cha Jung Woo 2014 MBC
26. “Glamorous Temptation” Jin Hyung Woo 2015 MBC
27. “The Man in the Mask” Ha Dae Chul 2015 KBS2
28. “Fantastic” Ryu Hae Sung 2016 jTBC
29. “Grand Prince” Lee Kang 2018 TV Chosun

Complete List of Actor Joo Sang-wook’s Movies

No. Movie Title Role Year
1. “Arang” Jae Hyuk 2006
2. “The Perfect Couple” Kim Jong Hyuk (cameo) 2007
3. “My Wife Got Married” Han Jae Kyung 2008
4. “No Mercy” Lee Sung Ho’s defense lawyer (cameo) 2010
5. “The Scent” Han Gil Ro 2012
6. “90 Minutes” Sang Hee 2012
7. “Days of Wrath” Joon Seok 2013
8. “The Huntressess” Sa Hyun 2014
9. “Trot” Jae Gu 2015