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Do You Know About Joo Sang-wook ?

Most famous drama star young actors and actresses as their main roles. But of course, senior actors have their own charisma which are able to win the hearts of many of the viewers. One of them is senior actor Joo Sang-wook. Joo Sang-wook has been widely known in the film industry, especially for his role on medical drama “Good Doctor, crime procedural “Special Affairs Team TEN”, romantic comedy drama “Cunning Single Lady”, “Birth of a Beauty”, and the last one is “Grand Prince”. For those of you who want to know more about actor Joo Sang-wook, check it out below!

Full Profile of Actor Joo Sang-wook


Full Name : Joo Sang-wook

Year Active : 1998 – now

Birth Date : July 18, 1978

Age : 39 years old

Zodiac Sign : Cancer

Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea

Latest Education : Namseoul University, majoring Visual Design

Joo Sang-wook was born to a middle class family and spent his childhood in Seoul. For Joo Sang-wook, becoming an actor had always been his dream. He started to take part in his school’s cultural activities when he was a child. Not having many relatives and contacts in the acting industry, actor Jo Sang Wook found it hard to work in the industry. He started his acting career when he was still 21 years old with small roles on several dramas, including “New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Know” and “Docu X”. Only after he reached the age of 30, his acting career became smooth. His biggest achievement was when he starred in the drama “Giant” back in 2010 as a bad guy. He was then rewarded with “The Best New Star Award” at the SBS Drama Awards. Joo Sang-wook got the nickname “The CEO King” as he mostly played the role of CEO’s in most of his dramas.

Joo Sang-wook’s Ex-Girlfriend

joo sang wook

Having a charming face, good boy shape, and good career, actor Joo Sang-wook definately wins many hearts out there. But nobody is perfect, after actor Joo Sang-wook’s career was getting brighter, he revealed that he broke up with his girlfriend when he was too busy shooting for his drama “Giant” that made his name huge. In an interview, Joo Sang-wook said that he would like to concentrate on his career as actor, and has no rush plans to get married.

Who is Joo Sang-wook’s Official Wife?

joo sang wook

After breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, Joo Sang-wook then found the love of his life. Through the MBC drama “Glamorous Temptation”, Joo Sang-wook met actress Cha Ye-ryun and they started dating not long after the drama ended. They were confirmed to be in a relationship ever since March 22, 2016. After dating for a year, the couple got married, and started their life together. For Joo Sang-wook, actress Cha Ye-ryun is a very different from her image.  “It goes without saying that she’s different from her image. People think she looks cold on the outside, but she’s not like that. She’s also the kind of person who prefers traditional markets to going shopping at the mall. We went to those kinds of markets on Jeju Island.” he revealed. Here are some pictures of actor Joo Sang-wook and his beautiful wife at their wedding.