Joo Jin-mo (born 1958): Profile and Facts

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Joo Jin-mo, the Korean Actor

Havin starting his career in the film industry in 1996, Joo Jin-mo is mostly known as a South Korean actor who has starred in a lot of television series and movies. Up until the point this article was written, all of Joo Jin-mo’s characters have been considered supporting roles. Even though he has not won any award to this day, we cannot underestimate Joo Jin-mo’s acting skills because compared to the typical actors who take on supporting roles, Joo Jin-mo has a fairly impressive portfolio of works he has been featured in, including many famous dramas and movies, such as Goodbye Solo (2004), Tazza (2006), Good Morning President and Jeon Woo-chi (2009), The Thieves and Iris II (2012), Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (2015), and V.I.P. (2017). In this article, Channel-Korea will explain everything there is to know about Joo Jin-mo, including his full profile and a list of his television dramas and movies. So, stay tuned!

Joo Jin-mo’s Full Profile

joo jinmo

Real Name: Joo Jin Mo

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 26 February 1958

Age: 61 (Korean age) / 60 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Astrology: Dog

Nationality: South Korean

Talent Agency: Huayi Brothers Entertainment

List of Joo Jin-mo’s Movies and TV Shows

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As was explained previously, Joo Jin-mo is mostly recognized as having played the supporting roles in dramas and films. In spite of this, Joo Jin-mo has proven that even an actor in a supporting role is able to bring a character to life, just like the lead. In total, Joo Jin-mo has been featured in more than 30 dramas and films, with a wide range of characteristics in the roles he has played. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television series and films that Joo Jin-mo has starred in.

1996 – Farewell My Darling

1997 – Father vs. Son

2001 – Waikiki Brothers (Supporting Role as Man selling items at rest area)

2003 – If You Were Me (appeared on segment 1)

2003 – The Big Swindle

2004 – The President’s Barber (Supporting Role as Chief police at police substation)

2004 – My Mother, the Mermaid (Supporting Role as Resident)

2004 – To Catch a Virgin Ghost (Supporting Role as Ban-do)

2004 – 3-Iron (Supporting Role as Detective Jo)

2004 – A Starving Day (short film)

2005 – Interview (short film)

2005 – KBS2 Resurrection (Supporting Role as Park Sang-chul)

2005 – Family Ties (Supporting Role as Woon-shik)

2005 – The Bad Utterances

2006 – KBS2 Goodbye Solo (Supporting Role as Yoo Ji-an’s father)

2006 – Tazza: The High Rollers (Supporting Role as Jjakgwi)

2006 – Righteous Ties (Supporting Role as Jang Nak-young)

2006 – Cruel Winter Blues (Supporting Role as Lead detective)

2006 – A Shark (Supporting Role as Middle-aged gambler)

2007 – KBS2 The Devil / The Lucifer (Supporting Role as Ban Chang-ho)

2007 – The Happy Life (Supporting Role as Ki-young’s senior)

2007 – Going by the Book (Supporting Role as Bank branch manager)

2008 – Sunny (Supporting Role as Seong-chan)

2008 – Sa-kwa (Supporting Role as Hyun-jung’s father)

2008 – Handphone (Supporting Role as Captain Kim)

2008 – Hello, Stranger (Supporting Role as Driver Park)

2009 – MBC Hero (as Gong Chil-sung)

2009 – Running Turtle (Supporting Role as Team Leader/ Chief Detective Yang)

2009 – Good Morning President (Supporting Role as Chief of Secret Service / Bodyguards)

2009 – Heaven’s Postman (Supporting Role as Yoon Jeon-soo)

2009 – Jeon Woo-chi: The Taoist Wizard (Supporting Role as Shaman)

2010 – SBS Bad Guy

2010 – Troubleshooter (Supporting Role as Won Joo-bong)

2010 – Heartbeat (Supporting Role as Company president Kang)

2010 – Children… (Supporting Role as Director Ahn)

2010 – Officer of the Year (Guest Role as Jo Joon-goo)

2011 – KBS2 Romance Town (Supporting Role as Noh Sang-hoon)

2011 – MBC Can’t Lose / Can’t Live With Losing (Supporting Role as Kang Woo-shik)

2011 – TV Chosun Operation Proposal (Supporting Role as Ham Sung-hoon)

2011 – Head (Supporting Role as Chief Lee)

2011 – Quick (Supporting Role as Team leader Kim)

2011 –The Client (Supporting Role as Judge)

2011 – Mr. Idol (Supporting Role as Lee Yoo-jin’s father)

2012 – The Thieves (Supporting Role as Detective)

2012 – MBC The King’s Doctor / Horse Doctor (Supporting Role as Guru / Shaman Sa-am)

2012 – KBS2 Drama Special: Sangkwoni (Business District) (as Young-chul)

2012 – KBS2 Iris II: New Generation (as Detective)

2012 – South Bound (Supporting Role as Public Security Bureau 1)

2013 – New World (Supporting Role as Police commissioner Ko)

2013 – KBS2 Shark (Guest Role as the old Korean man in Okinawa)

2013 – Happiness for Sale (Supporting Role as Kang Bong-geun)

2013 – Steal My Heart / Catch Me (Supporting Role as General manager)

2014 – The Plan Man (Supporting Role as Laundry)

2014 – KBS2 The Blade and Petal / Sword and Flower (Supporting Role as Yang Moon)

2014 – SBS God’s Gift – 14 Days (Supporting Role as Lee Myeong-han, the Minister of Justice)

2014 – tvN Witch’s Romance (Supporting Role as Kwon Hyun-seob (Ji-yeon’s boss))

2014 – SBS Temptation (Supporting Role as Choi Seok-gi)

2014 – KBS2 The King’s Face (Supporting Role as Jeong Cheol)

2014 – Kundo: Age of the Rampant (Supporting Role as Song Young-gil)

2015 – Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (Supporting Role Heo Sam-gwan’s uncle)

2015 – MBC Angry Mom (Guest Role as Office of Education Chief Hong Man-bok on episode 10 and 12)

2015 – SBS Mask (Supporting Role as Professor Kim / Psychiatrist Kim)

2015 – OCN Cheo Yong – Season 2 (Supporting Role as Kang Gi-young)

2016 – MBC The Flower in Prison (Supporting Role as Tojeong Lee Ji-ham)

2016 – Dramax 1% of Anything / Something About 1% (Supporting Role as Lee Gyu-chul)

2016 – MBC The Universe’s Star / Star of the Universe (Supporting Role as Manager Koo)

2016 – A Violent Prosecutor (Supporting Role as Judge Choi)

2016 – Pandora (Supporting Role as Minister)

2016 –The Sheriff in Town (Guest Role as Ship Captain Park / Fisherman)

2017 – The King’s Case Note (Supporting Role as Jik Je-hak)

2017 – KBS2 Manhole (Supporting Role as Bong Dal (Bong-pil’s father)

2017 – OCN Bad Guys: City of Evil (Supporting Role as Lee Myeong-deuk)

2017 – V.I.P. (Supporting Role as National Intelligence Service high rank executive)

2018 – KBS2, Naver TV Cast, and Netflix Sound of Your Heart Season 2 (Supporting Role as Jo Suk’s father)

2018 – MBC Investigation Couple (Supporting Role as Park Joong-ho)

2018 – Wonderful Ghost (as Supporting Role)