‘Produce 101’ Contestant and Member of The Boyz, Joo Hak-nyeon’s Full Profile

Plagiarism Controversy

In September 2018, The Boyz become a highlight on the news, as they were accused of having copied NCT’s concept for their music videos, teasers, and even their group signature.


The similarities caught the attention of many fans, who began to gather more evidence and collect it as proof of the plagiarism.


They also found some similarities in The Boyz 1st single album, The Sphere, which had two versions, titled Real and Dream. At around the same time, NCT released their album, Empathy, which also had two versions, titled Reality and Dream.

The controversy between the two idol groups has been a hot topic but their agencies haven’t released a statement regarding the issue.

Latest News

Joo Hak-nyeon and his fellow members in The Boyz will continue their concerts with the first Asia tour, which started in January, 2019.


The Boyz’ “The Castle” First Asia Tour had it’s first scheduled dates on January 26-27, 2019, at the Olympic Park, Olympic Hall in Seoul.

The group will be going around Asia and then heading to Chiba on May 8, 2019, after holding a concert in Seoul. Some of the countries they will be performing at are Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Cre.ker Entertainment released a statement regarding their first Asia tour, The Castle, by saying that The Boyz have been waiting for so long to meet their fans who live overseas, so they expect to see them in person at the concert and have fun together.



That’s the scoop on Joo Hak-nyeon, ex-contestant of Produce 101 Season 2, and current member of boy-group, The Boyz! Let’s support him and hope for all the best to his life and career in the future!