Close like Siblings, Check Out SHINee’s Jonghyun and Sulli’s Friendship!

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The Ones with the Brightest Smiles Get Hurt the Most

Not everything we see is true. There is a painful story behind the bright smile of someone. We’re talking about an idol. Just because you see an idol smile on camera doesn’t mean that they are living a happy life. Of course, as a fan, we do hope for the best for the artists. But, the truth isn’t always like that. Sometimes, the smile is only a disguise.

Being an idol is hard. You have to be good at everything, and people will still say bad things about you. You have to keep doing well in your work while bad comments keep going on, not to mention the anxiety that some idols have. Sometimes, they can’t see the goods in themselves.

sulli jonghyun

The K-pop industry is not as bright as it seems. Sulli and Jonghyun are two victims of the toxicity of the K-pop industry. We lost Jonghyun in 2017 and Sulli in 2019. It’s ironic to think about how the two of them were always happy on camera. And, the two of them were labelmates and have a good friendship, too.

Let’s check out Sulli and Jonghyun’s friendship.

Sulli and Jonghyun’s Friendship and Moments

sulli jonghyun

Sulli was a member of f(x), a girl group that debuted in 2009 with the song “La Cha Ta,” also written as “La chA TA.” She debuted at a very young age, 15 years old, along with Krystal who is the same age as her. The remaining 3 members are Victoria Song, Amber, and Luna. They were a 5-member girl group from SM Entertainment.

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As for Jonghyun, he debuted a year before Sulli. Jonghyun debuted in SHINee, a 5-member boy group, with a song called “Replay.” Jonghyun’s groupmates in SHINee were Onew, Minho, Key, and Taemin. Just like f(x), SHINee is also under SM Entertainment. The groups members are like brothers and sisters since they also have the same number of members.

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Ever since f(x) made its debut in 2009, they were often paired with SHINee in some projects. The members are also close with each other, including Jonghyun and Sulli. SHINee was also featured in f(x)’s song called “Lollipop.” No wonder Jonghyun and Sulli’s relationship became close! Let’s check out the moments when SHINee and f(x) collaborated on stage!

sulli fx jonghyun shinee
sulli shinee fx jonghyun
sulli fx shinee jonghyun

Sulli, who was the youngest member in f(x) along with Krystallooked up to her SHINee oppas as her real brothers.

shinee sulli
sulli jonghyun
sulli jonghyun

Even backstage, f(x) and SHINee always supported each other.

It’s so heartwarming to see Sulli and Jonghyun’s close friendship, right? What do you think about their sibling-like relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments if you like them!

Sulli and Jonghyun’s Close Friends: IU and Taeyeon

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Sulli and Jonghyun weren’t only close with each other’s group members, but they also had the same close friends.

iu jonghyun

Sulli was close friends with the singer IU, who was also a close friend of Jonghyun. IU once made a song called “Peach” which described Sulli. Jonghyun was featured in IU’s song “Gloomy Clock.” Let’s check out the moments of IU along with Sulli and Jonghyun!

iu sulli

Sulli and Jonghyun also had another mutual friend, Taeyeon from SNSD! The three of them were labelmates in SM Entertainment. Taeyeon is a year older than Jonghyun, and she also was a good older sister for Sulli for years.

Jonghyun and Taeyeon did a collab together with the songs “Breath” and “Lonely.” The two of them are the owners of golden voices in SM Entertainment. Besides doing the project, Jonghyun and Taeyeon were close just like real siblings. Jonghyun always took care of Taeyeon, and the other way around, too. When they were trainees, Jonghyun always envied Taeyeon’s voice.

taeyeon jonghyun

Although they both have a marvelous voice, the lyrics of their songs are so sunless. That’s why people were worried about Jonghyun and Taeyeon’s mental health conditions.

sulli taeyeon

As for Sulli, Taeyeon knew Sulli even before Sulli debuted in f(x). Taeyeon and Sulli used to live together when they were trainees. Sulli was an elementary school student at the time. But, after Taeyeon debuted, they didn’t live together anymore. They still kept in touch as they were on the same label.

Taeyeon said that they were alike, and that’s what made her comfortable around Sulli. They didn’t go out often, so they didn’t see each other a lot. But, even so, Taeyeon said that to her, Sulli was a person that remained close no matter how long she didn’t see her.

Sulli and Jonghyun’s Live Broadcast, Depression, Etc.

sulli live

Sulli and Jonghyun were very lovable people. They had bright and hilarious personalities, took care of others, and were friendly to anyone. However, that didn’t stop people from throwing hate comments towards them.

After leave f(x) in 2015, a lot of negative comments were thrown at Sulli, especially after the dating news about her and Choiza was released. They dated as normal people do. Instead of hiding it like other idols, Choiza and Sulli went public with their relationship. But, since people saw Sulli as a pure and innocent idol, they couldn’t accept the fact that she did what other adults do. They also didn’t like the fact that Sulli dated a guy in his 30s like Choiza.

sulli choiza

The same goes for Jonghyun. As an idol who lived alone, Jonghyun sometimes felt lonely and kept to himself. He was surrounded by bad thoughts that said he wasn’t good enough despite the marvelous projects that he did. There were also some bad comments thrown at Jonghyun about not being famous among SHINee.

jonghyun shinee

Before we lost these angels, both Sulli and Jonghyun did a Live broadcast on their Instagrams. Jonghyun did a Live on December 10, 2017, and answered some questions from fans. He laid on the bed and claimed that he was feeling tired. Jonghyun’s eyes looked teary, but he said that he was wearing lenses at the time. He talked about movie recommendations, too.

jonghyun ig live last
jonghyun ig live last

As for Sulli, she once said in her IG Live that she wasn’t a bad person. She was also asking why she received so much hate. Sulli once had a Live Instagram where she cried and made fans worry about her, too. Even so, Sulli would never forget to smile bright as she greeted fans. Sulli is really strong, just like Jonghyun.

We never know what is happening inside the artists. So, please be careful about what you say to them. We never know what they are going through. Don’t forget to always spread a positive vibe. And, if you don’t like someone, just keep the bad comments in your head!