The Jo Twins of Boyfriend: Kwang-min and Young-min’s Full Profile and Latest News

Seeing Double: The Handsome Boyfriend Members Kwang-min and Young-min

As most know, it’s not typical that people find brothers or sisters working in the same industry, much less the Korean entertainment industry as idols. Siblings such as Krystal and Jessica Jung, Gong Seung-yeon and Jung-yeon, as well Gong-myung and Doyoung are a few that are known to the public, but that is still only handful out of all the other idols out there. So how about twins? If siblings are rare, have a pair of twins ever made a splash in the industry? Of course they have! A pair are making a name for themselves right now, in the form of Kwang-min and Young-min from the idol boy-group Boyfriend!

Boyfriend is Starship Entertainment’s flagship boy-group that debuted in 2011, with the single of the same name. Contrary to popular belief though, Kwang-min and Young-min’s careers didn’t start there, as they were contracted and were very popular as child commercial models when they were still young. This has grown into them being known as the handsome twins who were training at Starship Entertainment when they started high school. It didn’t really help that they are enrolled in the School of Performing Arts Seoul, a high school that is known to have popular idol trainees. Are you curious as to how they are? What kind of bond they share as twins? Or maybe their time as part of the Real Men cast? Well the wait is over, let’s take a closer look at Kwang-min and Young-min’s career!

Profiles and Facts


Kwang-min’s Full Profile

Name Jo Kwang-Min
Birthdate April 24th, 1995 (23 Years Old)
Birthplace Anyang, Gyeonggi-do
Height 180 cm
Weight 58 kg
Family Members Twin Jo Young-min
Position Main Rapper
Academic Background School of Performing Arts Seoul
Entertainment Agency Starship Entertainment
Group Boyfriend
Debut Boyfriend’s single <Boyfriend> in 2011
Social Network Accounts Instagram


Of the two twins, Kwang-min is the younger brother, born only 6 minutes behind his older twin brother. He is in charge of rap for the group, and is positioned as the main rapper. He has been a trainee in various agencies, but as he has aspirations to write his own lyrics, he and his brother decided to join Starship Entertainment. He stated in one magazine interview that he feels like joining Boyfriend was some sort of destiny he couldn’t quite reject, that he feels that he is with the people he wants to work with and achieve success with once he meets them.

Different than his older twin brother, who is known to be very quiet and mature, Kwang-min is known to have a very bright and loud personality. Some even describe him as being very 4D in nature, or a person that always thinks outside the box. Even in his interviews, fans can see that he is very carefree and answers the way he wants to answer. Due to his very loud, and often noisy, personality, he is often seen being scolded by Boyfriend’s leader, Dong-hyun. His carefree nature can be seen in one of the broadcasts where he suggested dropping by the agency’s CEO’s house.

One of Kwang-min’s hobbies is playing Pokemon, thus he often receives pokemon related items as gifts from fans during fanmeets and fansigns. Other than that, Kwang-min is also very close with another 95-line friend, BTOB’s Sungjae. Most fans thought them being close as a very natural thing, as they are the same age and have similar personalities. He is also close to fellow maknae-line member, Min-woo, who is the same age he is. He often makes fun of the fact that Min-woo cries easily and does it often.

Young-min’s Full Profile

Name Jo Young-Min
Birthdate April 24th, 1995 (23 Years Old)
Birthplace Anyang, Gyeonggi-do
Height 180 cm
Weight 58 kg
Family Members Twin Jo Kwang-min
Position Sub-Vocal, Lead Dancer
Academic Background School of Performing Arts Seoul
Entertainment Agency Starship Entertainment
Group Boyfriend
Debut Boyfriend’s single <Boyfriend> in 2011
Social Network Accounts Instagram


Of the two brothers, Young-min is the older twin by 6 minutes. Different from Kwang-min, who is in charge of rap, Young-min is in charge of dancing for the group, as their lead dancer. The twins are the third-longest trainees in Boyfriend, next to Dong-hyun and Min-woo, after going from agency to agency trying to find one that matched up with the twins’ aspirations as artists. Young-min is the more charismatic and mature of the two, keeping up an icy prince image.

Although he is dubbed so, Young-min is a very hard worker and is always working hard in trying to make jokes when appearing with the group. He always tries to show some sort of personal talent that could be seen as weird, or some sort of one-liner jokes that leave the members confused. This sometimes makes him very embarrassed, leaving him with red ears to match. He definitely shows his more mature side when pressed with troubles and struggles, always lending an ear to listen to all the members’ worries, aside from his own, giving very thorough and understanding suggestions.

His aspirations to make jokes and be more outgoing can be seen when he messes around with the other maknae-line member, Min-woo. Not only that, Young-min also often serves as a translator for the times Kwang-min gets out of hand and spits out his 4D thoughts. Another habit of his is carrying a picture of his parents wherever he goes, as he keeps a picture of them in his wallet. He seems to care very much for his family, as he also likes to talk about his younger sibling at times, too. As mentioned before, Young-min is also close with BTOB’s Sung-jae, just like his brother.


Boyfriend’s Releases

Type of Release Release Date Album Title Title Track 2nd Title Track Notes
1st Single 2011.5.26 Boyfriend Boyfriend YOU & I Debut Album
2nd Single 2011.10.6 내 여자 손대지마 내 여자 손대지마 X
3rd Single 2011.12.8 I’ll Be There 내가 갈게 X
1st Mini Album 2012.6.14 Love Style Love Style X
1st Full Abum 2012.11.8 야누스 야누스 X
1st Full Album Repackage 2013.1.10 아이야 아이야 X
4th Single 2013.5.28 On & On On & On X No Promotions
2nd Mini Album 2014.6.9 Obsession 너란 여자 X
3rd Mini Album 2014.10.13 Witch Witch White Out First No.1 on a music show
5th Single 2016.5.26 약속할게 약속할게
5th Mini Album 2016.5.26 NEVER END Star


Collaboration Singles

Title Year Peak chart positions Album
“Pink Romance” (with K.Will and Sistar) 2011 25 non-album single
“White Love” (Jeongmin with K.Will and Sistar’s Soyou) 2012 10
“Snow Candy” (with K.Will and Sistar) 2013 13
“Love Is You” (with K.Will, Sistar, Junggigo,Mad Clown and Jooyoung) 2014 10
“Paper Heart” (LeL feat. Jeongmin) 2015

Being Twins

As previously mentioned, Young-min and Kwang-min are twin brothers, born just 6 minutes apart from each other. Most might think that they are very similar to one another due to their identical looks, yet as we come to know, they have very different personalities that complement one another and also different preferences. The twins showed off their brotherly chemistry in a photo shoot for the fashion magazine Singles. In the interview following the photo shoot, they shared their inner thoughts about each other.

Despite the fact that they look alike, they actually have more differences than similarities. Young-min prefers ballad music while Kwang-min enjoys listening to hip hop, which is why Young-min is a vocalist and Kwang-min is a rapper. They have differences in how they like to dress, as well. The twins revealed that Kwang-min is more on the lively side, while Young-min has a calm personality. The two of them agreed that, since they’re different, they learn a great deal from each other. 

Young-min revealed that he envies Kwang-min’s carefree nature, as he tends to fear change, so he always feels like he’s stuck in a rut. On the other hand, Kwang-min admitted that he wants to show the sincere side of himself, that it would’ve been nice if they had half of each other’s personalities. The twins also discussed how special their relationship is. They said, “While being active as singers, we tend to rely on each other. We know about each other’s voices very well, so we share musical advice with each other.” Young-min added, “I had a lot of difficulties before and after my debut, but just knowing that my brother is in the same group comforts me. It’s because no matter what issues I face, I know that I’ll have at least one person who is always on my side.”

Real Men

The twins starred in Real Man in 2015, following in the footsteps of their close friend, BTOB’s Sungjae. In order to prepare for their appearance on the show, they really went all out, not skipping and missing any of the traditions upcoming soldiers usually do, such as shaving their head, training for grueling workouts, and really stripping off all the idol image they have built up. The visual shock of Young-min and Kwang-min caught not only the viewers’ attention, but also their mother’s as she saw both of her sons with shaved heads for the first time, leaving her speechless. 

The visual shock did not end there, as they are also seen wearing thick glasses during a training session. Young-min and Kwang-min received a level three on their fitness exams for their bad eyesight, thus it was mandatory for them to wear their eyeglasses while training daily. What the viewers saw was quite a shock, since it was so different from the twin’s idol image. The twins are known for their big, sparkling eyes, which gave them a flower-boy image. But with their glasses on, they soon become known as the “glasses” twins. Even idol senior, Super Junior’s Kangin, was worried over their image maintenance after seeing them in glasses.

On the April 5th episode of Real Men, netizens once again fell in love with the twins, not only for their humble appearance, but also because of their bond and concern for each other. They had to do a 5-6 hour walk, while carrying 40 kilograms on their backs. Just before the first portion of the walk was finished, an ambulance had to be called for Kwang-min. Due to the weight he was carrying and the length of the walk, he suffered an ankle injury he sustained around the mid-portion of the activity, but he forced himself to keep on going.

The injury led him to be transported by ambulance to the half-way point, where he insisted on walking the journey and finishing what he started. To ensure his safety, his superior agreed to his insistence, with the condition that is he walks back without his 40 kg of gear. Kwang-min was worried about what would happen with the gear, as someone still needed to carry it back to base, fortunately, Young-min offered to carry both his and Kwang-min’s gear in order for his brother to complete the walk. He started to tear up when his brother started to carry both sets of gear. Young-min carried it for a while, and on the last leg of the journey he took it back. They also walked most of the way holding hands, creating a heartwarming scene and touched the hearts of viewers.

This led to some heartwarming comments from fans and viewers praising their bond, with words such as ‘First time watching an entertainment program where I cried.’, ‘The twins seem to be real. Very cool. Fighting.’, ‘While watching them I teared up. So cool.’, ‘So very cool.’ and ‘Their brotherly love is very cool. Really impressed.’

Latest News

Recently, Starship Entertainment’s artists, dubbed Starship Planet, released their annual Christmas single, featuring Boyfriend and other Starship artists such as So-you, Monsta X, WJSN and more. Check out the single down below!

Aside from the agency activities, currently Kwang-min and Young-min are more active promoting in Japan, since Boyfriend, as a group, hasn’t made a comeback in Korea since 2016. The group’s most recent release was their Japanese single, titled Call Me. Check out the single down below!

So what do you think of the twins Kwang-min and Young-min? Are you interested in their reverse charms? Will you be following their activities from now on? Comment your thoughts and opinion down below!