Jo Sung-ha’s Profile and Movies List

Jo Sung-ha profile

Who Is Jo Sung-ha?

Jo Sung-ha is a South Korean actor who began his acting career through film. He started acting in a drama in 2003. He is best known for his supporting roles in the 2010 drama “The Yellow Sea”, the 2012 movie “Helpless” and drama “Korean Peninsula”, and lastly the 2016 drama “The K2”. Let’s get to know actor Jo Sung-ha.

Jo Sung-ha: Full Profile and Facts

Jo Sung-ha profile and fact


Real Name : Jo Seong-ha

Other Name : Cho Seong-ha

Birthday : August 8, 1966

Height : 178 cm

Education : Seoul Institute of the Arts – Theater

Agency : HB Entertainment


  1. He has 2 children.
  2. He started acting while in high school.
  3. He turns down any offers to do promotions and product campaigns to stay focused on acting ever since he started rising in 1980.
  4. He participating in his high school drama club, and has pursued acting as profession since then.
  5. He is the most sought after actor over the age of 40.
  6. He once became a host on MBC variety show “이야기 속 이야기 사건.사람.현상” in 2013.
  7. He has been active in several theater performance since 1991.

About Jo Sung-ha and His Family

Jo Sung-ha has rarely talked about his family in any events or interviews throughout his career. But in 2013, there was news about him filming a commercial with his daughter, Jo Soo-hyun. It was his first ever commercial, and it was a special moment because he was doing his first commercial with his daughter.