Full Profile of Jo Min-su and Facts

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Jo Min-su, the Korean Actress

Instantly getting work in showbiz through a television commercial just after she graduated from vocational high school, Jo Min-su is currently known as a veteran actress. Her long experience equates to her talent in the field of acting, as she has won notable awards, such as the Excellence Award and the Top Excellence Award in the category of actress at the KBS Drama Awards in 1987 and 1989 and Best Actress for her work in the movie Pietà at the 32nd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, the 49th Grandbell Awards, the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards, the 6th Asia Pacific Screen Awards, the 4th KOFRA Film Awards, and the 23rd Fantasporto Director’s Week in 2012 and 2013.  In this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you all about Jo Min-su, including her full profile and a list of her television dramas, movies, variety shows, and music videos. So, keep reading!

Jo Min-su’s Full Profile

jo minsu

Real Name: Jo Min Su

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 29 January 1965

Age: 54 (Korean age) / 53 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chinese Astrology: Snake

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Blood Type: O

Education: Gyungbok Girls’ Commercial High School

Talent Agency: Management Koo

List of Jo Min-su’s TV Shows and Movies

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As was explained at the beginning, Jo Min-su is a senior actress who has starred in a lot of television series and films. Her most popular works, such as The Great Ambition, Piano, and Sandglass are widely known in South Korea and remain as archetypes of the dramas that were later produced in the industry. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television series, films, variety shows, and music videos that Jo Min-su has starred in and appears on.

1986 – KBS1 TV Literature: Fire

1986 – KBS1 TV Literature: Tale of a Mad Painter (Supporting Role as Blind Girl)

1986 – KBS Return to Ewha

1986 – KBS1 Rich Artifacts

1986 – Chung: Blue Sketch (Main Role as Yu-mi)

1986 – Son of God (Main Role as Jeon Bo-bae)

1987 – KBS1 TV Literature: Stairway of Green

1987 – KBS2 Door of Desire (Main Role as Tan-sil, Chung  Ju-hyung’s wife)

1987 – KBS Where is the Youngest Sister Going?

1988 – KBS2 Sun Rising Over the Hill

1988 – KBS2 Punggaek (Supporting Role as Park Da-som)

1989 – KBS2 Wang Rungs Family (Guest Role as Woman from Seoul)

1989 – KBS1 Mount Jiri (Main Role as Partisan Soon-yi)

1989 – KBS1 Merry Go Round

1989 – KBS2 Moonlight Family (Main Role as Young-sook)

1990 – KBS2 Pacheonmu (Main Role as Yeon-shil)

1990-1998 – Love on a Jujube Tree (Main Role as Myo-soon)

1990 – I’m Gonna Do Something Shocking (Main Role as Jang-mi)

1991 – MBC MBC Best Theater: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Desert Island Blues (Main Role as Baek Hye-young)

1992 – KBS2 TV Literary Theater: Doll Making (Main Role as Min Young-joo)

1992 – KBS A Woman of the Order (Supporting Role as Jae-hee)

1992 – KBS2 Wind Blowing in the Woods (Main Role as Yoo Mi-sun)

1993 – MBC Mountain Wind (Main Role as Choi Yoon-hwa)

1993 – KBS2 Lovers (Main Role as Hye-in)

1993 – SBS Marriage (Main Role as Na Seo-young)

1995 – Man? (Main Role as Mi-ah)

1995 – SBS Sandglass (Supporting Role as Sun-young)

1995 – SBS Asphalt Man (Supporting Role as Bae Jong-ok)

1996 – KBS2 Until We Can Love (as Supporting Role)

1996 – MBC MBC Best Theater: Serenade for Yeo-woon (Main Role as Jung-hoo)

1997 – MBC MBC Best Theater: Changing Partners (Main Role as Ae-ri)

1997 – MBC Love and Farewell / Love and Separation (Main Role as Kang Min-joo)

1998 – Music video of Jo Sungmo’s To Heaven

1999 – SBS House Above the Waves (Main Role as So-ran)

1999 – SBS Happy Together (Supporting Role as Seo Chan-joo)

2000 – SBS The Aspen Tree

2000 – Music video of Koyote’s Y

2000 – SBS Fireworks (Main Role as Heo Min-kyung)

2001 – SBS Piano (Supporting Role as Shin Hye-rim)

2002 – MBC My Name Is Princess (Main Role as Choi Hwa-young)

2002 – SBS The Great Ambition (Supporting Role as Dan-ae)

2002 – SBS Ice Flower (Supporting Role as Shin Young-joo)

2004 – SBS Proposal  (Main Role as Han Kyung-hee)

2005 – Boy Goes to Heaven (Guest Role as Ne-mo’s mother)

2009 – MBC Will It Snow for Christmas? (Supporting Role as Cha Chun-hee, Kang Jin’s mother)

2010 – SBS Running Man (Guest Role on episode 183)

2011 – SBS My Daughter the Flower (Main Role as Jang Soon-ae)

2012 – Pietà (Main Role as Jang Mi-sun)

2013 – SBS Goddess of Marriage (Supporting Role as Song Ji-sun)

2014 – Venus Talk (Main Role Role as Lee Hae-young)

2014 – The Stone (Guest Role Lee Tae-sam)

2015 – Music video of The Ark’s The Light