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Joo Min-ki: Wife, Daughter and Cause of Death

Joo Min-ki has a daughter and one other child. His wife is Kim Sun-jin. According to reports, actor Jo Min Ki, who was recently hit with a wave of sexual harassment allegations, was found dead on March 9 at approximately 4 p.m. KST. Reports state that the actor was found in a storage room next to the basement parking garage of his apartment.

He was discovered by his wife, who then called the police. Though emergency responders attempted to revive the actor as he was rushed to the emergency room, he was ultimately pronounced dead.

Police haven’t found any evidence of foul play, and are thus suspecting that the death was a suicide, although this is still being investigated. No suicide note was found at the scene of the death.

The first sexual harassment allegation against Jo Min-ki came on February 20, when a woman posted on an online community about Jo Min-ki’s sexual harassment of a student while he was a professor at Cheongju University. Though Jo Min-ki initially denied the allegations, actress Song Ha-neul and others came forward about his treatment of students, and he eventually apologized. Jo Min-ki was scheduled for questioning on March 12 at the Chungbuk police station.


The Chungbuk police station spoke to reporters and confirmed the news of the actor’s death. Police also stated that investigation into the sexual harassment allegations made against Jo Min Ki may come to a close: “Usually, in the event that the accused dies, the investigation ends with the case being forwarded to prosecution marked ‘no indictment.‘”

A representative of Jo Min-ki’s family has stated that the funeral and procession will be held in private. They also explained that Jo Min-ki’s wife is currently unable to make a separate statement due to her grief, and asked for understanding.