Get Ready! 12 Photos of Jo Jung-suk’s Sexy Abs!

Hot and Talented Actor Jo Jung-suk

Jo Jung-suk (born December 26, 1980) is a handsome and skilled actor from South Korea. Jo Jung-suk began his debut in the entertainment industry by starring in some musical theater productions in 2004 such as Spring Awakening, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and the stage adaptation of The Harmonium in My Memory. 

About 10 years later, he began his film debut as a comedic supporting actor in the box office movie Architecture 101. This debut put him in the spotlight and he later starred in other hit movies and TV series. His newest project is the movie Exit which also involved Im Yoon-ah, also known as SNSD’s Yoona. This movie will be coming out in 2019.

Jo Jung-suk is also soon to be the husband of DOTS’ Gummy. After 4-5 years of dating, they finally announced that their private wedding will be held this autumn. Because of his status as a famous celebrity now, he has to maintain his body and handsomeness. Even though almost 40 (he is now 38), his body is still on fire. His sexy body and abs can be seen in some of his dramas and photo shoots.

Check below for some images of Jo Jung-suk’s sexy body! Pst, be careful to not drop your jaw!

Jo Jung-suk’s Sexy Photo Shoots

Let’s warm up by staring at these refreshing pictures of Jo Jung-suk first:

Wearing a grey tuxedo with a white shirt, the three opened buttons make him look incredibly hot with sweet red lips.

Wait, Jo Jung-suk with a mustache is no joke! His sleepy and sexy gaze is heart-melting.

Jo Jung-suk is ready to open his sweater. It looks so hot there (and here)!

Here is a vintage photo shoot. His biceps are formed perfectly!

Shirtless and shy, his innocence is so hypnotizing…..

Abs Revealed! Some Clips from His TV Series

Jealousy Incarnate (2016)

In this TV series, Jo Jung-suk starred as Lee Hwa-shin, a news anchor, with his opponent Gong Hyo-jin as Pyo Na-ri, a weathercaster. This drama is an epic story of the comedic romance between the two.

Can you see that perfect body being showed shamelessly?

This awkward moment started when his character couldn’t find clothes for himself while in the hospital. However, his body in women’s underwear is still hot!

Oh My Ghost (2015)

This TV series was about an innocent and shy Na Bong-sun (played by Park Bo-young) who could see ghosts and was possessed by a virgin ghost who was extremely lustful. She thought that if she lost her virginity, the virgin ghost would go to the after-life peacefully.
So, she seduced her boss Kang Sun-woo (played by Jo Jung-suk) in a restaurant to complete the task. It could be imagined that in this drama, there will be tons of Jo Jung-suk’s abs and sexiness! Check out some clips below:

Here, he is looking for the perfect shirt to start the day, not that he needs it.

Beautifully picking a chef’s suit, his abs’ profile is no joke!

Well, okay, here is a perfect pose to show that alluring body.

Don’t be sad, oppa! Just don’t put your clothes on!

While picking up some medicine, his perfect arms along with his perfect biceps and triceps are showcased!

So, what do you think about Jo Jung-suk’s sexy clips and photo shoots? Did you already drop your jaw?