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An A-List Actor’s Marriage to A Household Songstress

Jo Jung-suk has been a household name in the Korean industry ever since his breakout role in Architecture 101, alongside other industry favorites such as Suzy, Han Ga-in and Lee Je-hoon. His name continues to be heard and makes the rounds with projects such as You’re The Best, Lee Soon-Shin, Oh My Ghost and My Annoying Brother. What most people tend to forget is that Jo Jung-suk has been in a public relationship with the Korean drama OST Queen, Gummy, since mid-2015.

Although they publicly announced their relationship back then, they’ve still managed to be quite sneaky with their dates and time together. Some even speculated that the two broken up somewhere in the course of their 5-year relationship, due to the lack of news surrounding their relationship.

As mentioned above, they try to maintain a semblance of privacy even when in a public relationship, so they don’t show off their relationship quite as much as some figures, and giving only bits and pieces of anecdotes when asked in an interview, or slipped into their award speeches. That’s why it came as a shock to many that after 5 years of dating, with little to no news coming from either party, when they announced their engagement and plan to get married in June, 2018.

The two revealed their plans with a statement from their respective companies and a handwritten letter uploaded in Jo Jung-suk’s fancafe. So are you ready to follow their wedding plans? Or maybe get to know Jo Jung-suk’s wife a little bit more? Well the wait is over, let’s take a closer look at Jo Jung-suk and Gummy’s wedding!

Jo Jung-suk’s Wedding

On June 22nd 2018, it was suddenly reported that that the longtime couple, Jo Jung-suk and Gummy, were to be married by the end of the year. It was a long time coming, seeing that the two had been dating since 2013 and went public in 2015. With rumors circulating that two had broken up, it was a shock when they suddenly announced their engagement through a news outlet. Soon after, Jo Jung-suk posted his handwritten letter regarding the matter, on his fancafe page.

In his letter Jo Jung-suk stated, “Everyone, this is Jung-suk. You were surprised from early this morning, right? Even I was surprised by the unexpected reports. I should have been the first person to tell you this good news, and I’m sorry you had to learn about it through news articles. I am writing this now because I want to personally talk about the most important decision in my life with you, the people who have always loved me.”

“It feels like a new beginning for a new life, a turn in the road that will help me grow as an actor, and the thought of now walking down a path that I’d been walking down by myself with someone else excites me. And I’m a little nervous. We haven’t decided on any specific details, which is why I haven’t been able to tell you, but I am planning to get married this year.”

“We decided to get married because we are both big source of energy for each other, and she is someone who will encourage and support me to become a better person in the future. I’m sure you were surprised by the sudden news, but I hope you will cheer us on to live a good life and celebrate this moment with us.”

He concluded his letter with, “I hope to greet you in the future as a more responsible actor, and a reliable head of a household. Though I am always lacking, I hope to continue to connect with you all through good projects. I will do my best to keep growing. Please watch over me.”

Not long after that, his bride-to-be, Gummy, chimed in, with a letter of her own in her fancafe, writing, “I’m sure you were all very surprised today. I’m putting a lot of thought into every word, which is making me quite slow.”

“Like you saw in the news article, I will be getting married. Though the full weight and details haven’t hit me yet, it’s a decision I’ve made. He’s someone who has given me lots of comfort and strength for a long time, and someone who has taught me a lot. I am very grateful to have met such a great person. And I believe it was all thanks to the sincere support you’ve given us.”

“I will go through a big change in my life, but I will do my best to adapt to the new situation and raise a good family. I will continue to express the new experiences and emotions through my music, and I will do my best to share more stories and connect with you all.”

She concluded with, “The things I’ve yet to say, I will continue to talk about slowly across a long period of time. Thank you.”

After their announcement, a news outlet reported that they had finished shooting their pre-wedding pictures in July, only a few short weeks after their announcement, shot at the beautiful Jeju island. The island is famous for its pristine beaches and lush greenery, making it the perfect spot to take pictures for the couple’s pre-wedding. Check out some of the pictures below!

By the time they finished shooting their pre-wedding pictures in July, there was still no set date for when the wedding ceremony would take place. It came as a surprise to most when both of their agencies revealed on October 8th that Gummy and Jo Jung-suk had tied the knot in private ceremony. The ceremony consisted of only family and close friends, and was not a publicized event like most celebrity weddings. Pictures and videos of the ceremony are also very scarce, due to the nature of the ceremony, with no press or the like invited.

Their Married Life

There’s not much known about their married life together, since Jo Jung-suk’s busy with the filming schedule for his upcoming projects and the couple’s rare appearances on  variety shows. Yet, one managed to slip through door they keep tightly shut, which is Gummy’s appearance on the December 15th episode of JTBC’s Knowing Brothers.

At the time, Gummy appeared as a guest along with singer Kim Bum-soo, and it was one of her very first appearances after tying the knot with Jo Jung-suk. As soon as Kim Bum-soo had finished his introductions and it was time for Gummy begin hers, the cast began singing to congratulate her on her recent wedding. Kang Ho-dong commented that love is the best medicine for good skin, and that Gummy was glowing. He then brought up a “rule” amongst people in the industry, saying that they should be considerate and focus on Gummy during the show, instead of talking about her husband.

Yet, despite the rule, Gummy wanted to share a little anecdote regarding her husband and her appearance on the show, replying, “I’ll say one thing to wrap it up. This is what he [Jo Jung-suk] said. He said, ‘I’m the first student to enroll at [Gummy’s] Once You Fall For Me You Can’t Get Out High School, and I haven’t been able to graduate.’ That’s it. The end.” The anecdote shows that even as part of a married couple, Jo Jung-suk remains as romantic as he was while they were dating, and continues to flatter Gummy. We hope that their love conquers time, and for their relationship to last. 

Jo Jung-suk’s Latest News

Even with his recent marriage, Jo Jung-suk has been busy taking on projects left and right, all to be released in 2019. January 14th marked the announcement of Jo Jung-suk’s upcoming movie’s release date. Hit-and-Run Squad is set to premiere on January 30th. Hit-and-Run Squad is a film about a hit-and-run police task force that chases an out-of-control businessman who loves to speed. The movie stars Gong Hyo-jin and Ryu Jun-yeol, along with Jo Jung-suk in an action-packed classic cop movie.

The new teaser that was released with the announcement begins with Gong Hyo-jin as Eun Si Yeon, an elite police officer who has been demoted to the hit-and-run police task force. It also features Ryu Jun-yeol as Seo Min Jae, the ace and youngest member of the task force, with a natural instinct when it comes to cars. Lastly, the teaser shows Jo Jung-suk as Jung Jae Chul. He is a businessman who enjoys driving recklessly. While he seems comical at first, he quickly shows his dark side once he figures out that the hit-and-run police task is onto him.

Another one of his confirmed projects for the upcoming year is an SBS drama titled Mung Bean Flower. Actors Jo Jung-suk, Han Ye-ri and Yoon Si-yoon have been confirmed to star in the upcoming drama that tells the story of two brothers born from separate mothers who both fight on opposite sides during the Donghak Peasant Revolution (1894-5), in which Korean peasants fought for their rights. Jo Jung-suk portrays Baek Yi-kang, the older brother who is discriminated against by his family because of his mother’s low status, while Yoon Si-yoon will play the role of Baek Yi-hyeon, the younger brother, who received an elite education in Japan. Han Ye-ri will be acting as Song Ja-in, a daughter of an elite family who is charismatic and strong-minded. The series is set to air in the first half of this year.

So what do you think of Jo Jung-suk’s sudden wedding to the famous singer, Gummy? Do you find their secretive relationship sweet? Or are you just dying for more details on their now-married life? Comment your thoughts and opinions, below!