After Dating for 5 Years, Actor Jo Jung-suk and Singer Gummy Are Tying the Knot!

jo jung suk and gummy wedding

Actor Jo Jung-suk and Singer Gummy will be Tying the Knot!

They have been a couple since 2013, but their relationship was not revealed to the public until 2015. Jo Jung-suk and Gummy are now going to get married in the latter half of this year. The couple confirmed the news after it spread to the public.

Jo Jung-suk and Gummy confirmed the marriage news on his fancafe.

He wrote,

“Everyone, this is Jung-suk. You were surprised from early this morning, right? Even I was surprised by the unexpected reports. I should have been the first person you tell you this good news, and I’m sorry you had to learn about it through news articles. I am writing this now because I want to personally talk about the most important decision in my life with you, the people who have always loved me.

It feels like a new beginning for a new life, a turn in the road that will help me grow as an actor, and the thought of now walking down a path that I’d been walking down by myself with someone else excites me. And, I’m a little nervous. We haven’t decided on any specific details which is why I haven’t been able to tell you, but I am planning to get married this year.

We decided to get married because we are both a big source of energy for each other, and she is someone who will encourage and support me to become a better person in the future. I’m sure you were surprised by the sudden news, but I hope you will cheer us on to live a good life and celebrate this moment with us.

I hope to greet you in the future as a more responsible actor and a reliable head of a household. Though I am always lacking, I hope to continue to connect with you all through good projects. I will do my best to keep growing. Please watch over me.”

Gummy also wrote on her fancafe:

“I’m sure you were all very surprised today. I’m putting a lot of thought into every word which is making me quite slow. Like you saw in the news article, I will be getting married. Though the full weight and details haven’t hit me yet, it’s a decision I’ve made. He’s someone who has given me lots of comfort and strength for a long time, and someone who has taught me a lot. I am very grateful to have met such a great person. And, I believe it was all thanks to the sincere support you’ve given us. I will go through a big change in my life, but I will do my best to adapt to the new situation and raise a good family. I will continue to express the new experiences and emotions through my music, and I will do my best to share more stories and connect with you all. The things I’ve yet to say, I will continue to talk about slowly across a long period of time. Thank you.”

A source from Gummy’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “It is true that Jo Jung-suk and Gummy are planning to wed in the latter half of this year. However, an exact date has not yet been decided and the wedding will be a private ceremony. We ask for your warm support and blessings for these two people’s future.”

Congratulations Jo Jung-suk and Gummy!