Profile and Facts of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Actor Jo Jae-yoon

Jo Jae Yoon
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Meet The Talented Actor Jo Jae-yoon

Jo Jae-Yoon is a South Korean actor who is known for his incredible acting skill and for playing in memorable supporting roles in some K-Movies and K-Dramas. His talents have been shown to the world ever since he starred on one of the most popular K-Dramas named Descendant Of The Sun with Song Joong-Ki in 2016.

He made his debut as an actor in 2003, and played some supporting roles as antagonists with wicked and vicious personalities. Some viewers might know him as the ‘evil’ one of any movie cast, but he always showed his kind and friendly image toward the other cast members while enjoying breaks from filming movies.

Let’s check out more facts about him below!

“The Antagonist” Jo Jae-Yoon’s Profile

Real Name : Jo Jae-Yoon (조재윤)

Birth : Cheongju (South Korea), September 15, 1974

Education : Seoul Institute of The Arts – Theater

Zodiac : Virgo

Nationality : Korean

Height : 174 cm

Weight : 75 kg

Talent Agency : FNC Entertainment


Jo Jae Yoon


  • 2003Please Teach Me English (role as Manager Hong)
  • 2004Au Revoir, UFO (role as Employee at last stop)
  • 2005The President’s Last Bang (role as Security Guard)
  • 2006Love Me Not (role as Keun-son), The Restless (Person of low castle)
  • 2008Story of Wine (role as Jo Jae-Yoon)
  • 2009Marine Boy (role as Department head Im), The Scam (role as Deputy Lee), Take Off (role as Adoption Agency Employee 1), City Of Fathers (role as Nal-Chi)
  • 2010The Man From Nowhere (role as Jang Doo-Sik), Mr. Zombie (role as Jo Yong-Pal), Romantic Debtors (role as Tow Truck Driver), The Yellow Sea (role as Truck Driver at Busan Port)
  • 2011Late Blossom (role as Kun-Bong’s brother in law), Officer Of The Year (role as Jo Tae-Bok), S.I.U (role as Gecko), Poison Frog (short film)
  • 2012Romance Joe (role as Food Stall Owner)
  • 2013Miracle In Cell No. 7 (role as Prison Guard Kim), Mr. Go (role as Orthopedic Doctor), The Suspect (role as Captain Jo)
  • 2014Dad For Rent (role as Seung Il)
  • 2015Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies (role as Jo Ji-Ho), The Deal (role as Kim Ki-Seok), Inside Men (role as Section Chief Bang)
  • 2016Mood Of The Day (role as Senior Kang), Insane (role as Detective Park)
  • 2017The Prison (role as Hong-Pyo), Part-Time Spy (role as Deputy Department Head Park), House Of The Dissapeared (role as Chul-Joong), The Outlaws (role as President Hwang)

Dramas (Television Series)

Jo Jae-Yoon
  • 2007H.I.T (aired on MBC), Kid Gang (aired on OCN), Yi San (aired on MBC)
  • 2008Crime Season 2 (aired on Dramax), Fight (aired on tvN), East Of Eden (aired on MBC)
  • 2009 Dream (aired on SBS/role as Gal-Chi), Joseon Mystery Detective Jeong Yak-Yong (aired on OCN)
  • 2012Hero (aired on OCN/role as Young Joon), A Gentleman’s Dignity (aired on SBS/role as Police Officer ep. 1), The Chaser (aired on SBS/role as Park Yong-Sik), Drama Special “Butcher Barber” (aired on KBS2/role as Bong Sik), Drama Special “The Great Dipper” (aired on KBS2/role as Hong Man-Sik), My Lover Madame Butterfly (aired on SBS/role as Kyung-Chal), Full House Take 2 (aired on SBS Plus/role as Korean-Chinese taxi driver), Jeon Woo-Chi (aired on KBS2/role as Cheol-Gyeon)
  • 2013Gu Family Book (aired on MBC/role as Ma Bong-Chul), Monstar (aired on MNet/role as Manager Hong), The Blade and Petal (aired on KBS2/role as Boo-Chi), Master’s Sun (aired on SBS/role as Man with dead fiancee ep. 14), Reply 1994 (aired on tvN/role as Kim Jae-Young ep. 12), Empress Ki (aired on MB/role as Kolta)
  • 2014Drama Special “Illegal Parking” (aired on KBS2)/role as Han Jung-Hoon), Liar Game (aired on tvN/role as Jo Dal-Gu)
  • 2015Blood (aired on KBS2/role as Woo Il-Nam), Let’s Eat 2 (aired on tvN/role as Mi-Ran’s husband ep. 9), Late Night Restaurant (aired on tvN/role as Gwang-Jo ep. 11), Last (aired on JTBC/role as Baemnun)
  • 2016Descendant of the Sun (aired on KBS2/role as Jin Young-Soo), Pied Piper (aired on tvN/role as Han Ji-Hoon), My Runway (aired on Netflix/role as Mr. Bong)
  • 2017Voice (aired on tvN/role as Triad Member ep. 1), Innocent Defendant (aired on SBS/role as Shin Cheol-Sik), Save Me (aired on OCN/role as Jo Wan-Tae), Mad Dog (aired on KBS2/role as Park Soon-Jung), Black (aired on OCN/role as Grim Reaper No.007)
  • 2018Wok Of Love (aired on SBS/role as Oh Maeng-Dal)