Famous for His Good Looks, Did Jo In-sung Have Plastic Surgery?

Experts Weigh In

As claims surged, experts started to chime in on the discussion regarding his features and visuals. One plastic surgery expert who discussed the 10 most handsome actors in Korea, had ranked Jo In-sung 9th among all of the actors he chose from. The expert specifically pointed out his nose and profile as the reason he was ranked relatively high, as the placement of those features aligned with the ideal face structure.

This might lead some to believe that, instead of being natural, the placement was corrected through procedures such as those described above. There weren’t other specifics that the experts discussed, but this alone is enough to spark more speculation regarding the issue.

Fans Reactions

The fans who supported Jo In-sung throughout his career have opposed these claims, turning back the evidence aimed at him with their own arguments. They pointed out several things, such as how even after puberty, no significant changes were found to justify these claims, the actor had no eyelid scars and no nostril scars. These are the two most significant signs indicating plastic surgery, thus, without them, none of these claims can stand true.

What the fans seem not to grasp, is that most of these accusations are for non-invasive procedures, meaning they wouldn’t have left any permanent, defining scars in the places mentioned. With fillers and injections, there’s no scarring and a minimal recovery period. Although the eye-cutting procedure is a serious claim, it’s also unlike most eyelid surgery, in which it will leave a deeper crease scar than normal.

The fans chose to follow and believe in Jo In-sung’s statements or non-statements in this case, he has not confirmed nor denied anything, other than the That Day, The Wind Blows controversy, and they are satisfied with it. Fans have also started to post about his natural beauty, alongside other actors in a ranking or list, and featuring their past and childhood pictures along with their current pictures.


Another fan’s reaction to Jo In-sung’s supposed beauty was to get plastic surgery done, to look more like the actor. He had and eyes surgery, along with a bit of makeup, to make him look more like Jo In-sung.

Some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what if it proves something Jo In-sung does not want to admit to or was it just sincere admiration? What do you think about Jo In-sung’s face? Comment down below!