Famous for His Good Looks, Did Jo In-sung Have Plastic Surgery?

Speculations on His Looks

Jo In-sung has always been known to have very striking features, with deep set, mono-lid eyes and a strong, centered nose. This has lead to lots of speculation regarding his looks, whether they’re natural or a result of going under the knife. Let’s take a look at some of the evidence that has surfaced throughout his career.


The pictures above are part of the collection his family kept, that documented Jo In-sung in his childhood. they show Jo In-sung as he was before, with chubby cheeks, but the same iconic features we recognize in him now. It is quite unclear at this stage if there are any significant differences with how he looks today, as there is quite a long ways to go with the changes puberty might bring on.


The pictures above show Jo In-sung during his school years, as compared to how he looks today. The three pictures to the left are taken from the 12 years he spent in school, throughout his elementary, middle school and high school yearbooks. As you can see, there’s a natural development to his features that could possibly be the result of puberty. As compared to the picture to the right, there are no significant differences, but slight ones, such as slightly sculpted cheeks and more prominent features.


Despite this evidence, anti-fans still claim there’s a possibility of surgically-enhanced features, seen in the two pictures above, that compare Jo In-sung’s eyes. They claimed that the eyes, although more slanted, have a wider opening on the sides. This procedure is called corner cutting, where a part of corners of the eye are cut so that more of the whites of the eyeball is exposed. This will create the illusion of larger eyes, which aligns with the Korean standard. Can you spot the difference?


The anti-fans then moved on to criticizing his nose, as seen above with the two pictures attached. The side profile is a very important and defining standard for Korean beauties, as a strong profile line is desired, as opposed to the opposite. The pictures above depict Jo In-sung’s supposedly slimmer and stronger nose, with a more defined tip and nose bridge, seen through the more defined shadow. Although this argument seems invalid when considering other factors such as lighting and setting, believers in this theory are firm that he’s done a procedure called a nose thread lift.

A nose thread lift is a procedure that’s non-invasive and places threads around the nose bridge to lift it and define its shape. As can be seen above, a nose thread lift procedure might be the cause of his more defined nose shape, what do you think?


Around the end of 2014 and the early part of 2015, when Jo In-sung was attending award shows in the name of It’s Okay, That’s Love, people online started speculating about a possible forehead filler or implant, after a video of him and actor Do Kyung-soo or D.O from EXO surfaced online. Forehead fillers are another non-invasive procedure that is done by injecting Hyaluronic Acid the forehead to give a more full, strong profile impression. This again would support the theory behind the nose procedure, too.

These plastic surgery claims were never denied nor confirmed but there was one instance that Jo In-sung did personally address, regarding the change of his features. In regards to his appearance in the drama That Winter, The Wind Blows, Jo In-sung and the drama staff personally addressed claims that his face was changed in post-production, to shave off weight around his jaw and other features. He wasn’t the only one hit by this accusation. His co-star, Song Hye-kyo, was also questioned on the matter.

Jo In-sung said that no post-production magic was done on his face, and the director added that the only thing they edited in post-production was color grading of the scene, and some other color correction on the features, to add variety. This begs the question of if the claims of digitally enhanced features are false, then what could be the reason behind his change? This has more people genuinely doubting the truth behind his beauty.