Famous for His Good Looks, Did Jo In-sung Have Plastic Surgery?


Handsome Ahjussi, Jo In-sung

Jo In-sung, everyone’s favorite actor for moody and melancholic roles, is a fixture in the Korean entertainment industry. As a celebrity that’s been in the game for 20 years, Jo In-sung has a reputation that definitely precedes him, with lots of work under his belt. That’s not to say all of Jo In-sung’s career is based on his acting, as he also has numerous dealsĀ  as a brand ambassador or commercial model for various products. This is because his visuals and height that are a match for any model’s.

Talk revolving around his model-quality looks almost has to lead to speculations of plastic surgery and enhancement procedures. There’s still a bias towards well-earning, good-looking celebrities, because they will always be hit with such speculations regularly. It’s no different for Jo In-sung. As soon as old pictures resurfaced and were coupled with already-heated debate around one of his projects, it fueled the discussion into a roaring fire. With his sharp nose and piercing, mono-lid eyes, do you think Jo In-sung went under the knife? Let’s take a deeper look at Jo In-sung’s road to fame and subsequent speculations regarding whether his good looks are manufactured.

Road to Fame

Jo In-sung has what is usually called a humble beginning, as a boy born and raised in South Korea’s capital city. He made his splash into the entertainment industry as model in a 1998 ad campaign for the local fast fashion chain, Ziozia. His visuals and tall stature make him the perfect candidate for such jobs. Jo In-sung made his acting debut in 1999 but really started to gain recognition in the early 2000s, through TV series such as Jump, School 3 and Nonstop.

His first hit drama was What Happened in Bali, where he starred with Ha Ji-won and So Ji-sub. This drama is said to be one of the most iconic melodrama of its time, set on the beaches of Bali. The story itself revolves around the son of a conglomerate’s head, who falls in love with a Korean tour guide who lives in Bali, although it concludes with a rather odd ending. The drama peaked at 39.7% viewership, which was a big deal for its time. Along with the success of this drama, Jo In-sung was cast in other dramas, such as Spring Day ,and movies, such as A Dirty Carnival and A Frozen Flower.

After his completing his enlistment, he came back with the drama That Winter, The Wind Blows, the drama that started waves of rumors about his facial features. The drama is an adaptation of the Japanese drama, I Don’t Need Love, Summer, and tells a story about a man and woman who each suffer a tragic fate on their own, and because of it, they don’t believe in love. The drama’s airing sparked a lot of conversation about his facial features, even going as far as accusing the director of altering their appearances through post-production and plastic surgery. This rumor seems to be the root of all the speculation thereafter.

In 2014, Jo In-sung starred in the drama It’s Okay, That’s Love with his former co-star, Gong Hyo-jin. This drama, too, became an instant hit among fans and viewers alike, as it covers taboo topics such as mental health issues. During the press tour and award ceremony that followed the success of this drama, speculations popped up surrounding a supposed forehead filler that he had done. The actor himself never confirmed or denied the rumor.

Recently, he is starring in the movie The Great Battle, an epic period war film, alongside stars like Nam Joo-hyuk and Park Sung-woong. He is the lead actor of this film, acting as Yang Manchun, a Goguryeo Commander that fought against the Tang clan.