Playing a Military Commander with a Big Task, Let’s Take a Look at Jo In-sung’s Performance in the Movie ‘A Frozen Flower’!

The Charming actor, Jo In-sung

In this article, we will talk about the charming actor, Jo In-sung. The actorwas born on July 28, 1981, and made his entertainment debut in 1998 as a model for the clothing brand Ziozia. He began his acting career in 1999 through the MBC sitcom Jump, and in 2000, starred in the teen drama School 3 and in the second season of the sitcom Nonstop. His popularity increased when he played his mellow drama in 2004. He returned to television with the drama What Happened in Bali, alongside Ha Ji-won and So Ji-sub. What Happened in Bali was a huge success, with its final episode reaching a peak rating of 39.7%.

4 years later, he played in 2008’s A Frozen Flower, a Goryeo-period film where his royal bodyguard character is caught in a love triangle between the king and the queen. Jo won Best Actor awards at both the Baeksang Arts Awards and SBS Drama Awards. Another achievement was his melodrama That Winter, the Wind Blows alongside Song Hye-kyo. The drama placed number one in its time slot during most of its run, and Jo and Song were praised for their performances. A year later, Jo reunited with Winter‘s writer and director in SBS’ medical melodrama It’s Okay, That’s Love, opposite Gong Hyo-jin.

Frozen Flower, an Erotic Historical Movie

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A Frozen Flower is a 2008 South Korean erotic historical film. It is directed by Yoo Ha and stars Jo In-sung, Joo Jin-mo and Song Ji-hyo. The historical film is set during the Goryeo Dynasty and is loosely based on the reign of Gongmin of Goryeo (1330–1374), but it does not strictly follow historical facts. The controversial story is about the characters’ violation of royal family protocol and their pursuit of love.

It was released in South Korea on December 30, 2008, and was the 6th most attended film of 2009 with 3,772,976 tickets sold.

The film is about a King (Joo Jin-mo) of Goryeo, who is married to a Yuan Dynasty princess (Song Ji-hyo), but they do not have any children. There is constant pressure on the King both from the Yuan emperor and his own counselors to produce a crown prince and ensure the continuity of the royal dynasty. The King’s palace guard is composed of thirty six young soldiers, led by military commander Hong-rim (Jo In-sung), who is also the King’s lover. The King finally decides to charge Hong-rim with a strange commission: penetrate the Queen to impregnate her. Hong-rim and the Queen are uncomfortable accepting the royal order, but they finally comply. However, their relationship does not stop at procreation, but an intense romance soon blossoms between the two, and in this strong intimate relationship there is no place for the King.

The narrative movement seems solid. The king and his general have been together since they were children. Neither knew how it was to be with a woman. However, as it turns out, the king is more certain about his sexuality than his general. When the general discovered how it felt to be with a woman, he realized he has a male side to him. But we should warn you that this movie has very explicit contents. There are a lot of erotic scenes shown, especially between the general and the queen. Here are some of the best scenes:

Jo In-sung’s Role as Hong Rim, A Military Commander

Jo In-sung played the role of general Hong Rim. He portrayed the general as well as the object of affection. He was actually a commander of the military, but was assigned by the king to impregnate the queen.

From the get go, it was clear he was the “female” in the relationship, however subtle it may be, but the lack of dimension in his role probably affected the depth of his acting. Of course, there will always be a question about whether or not it is up to the director or the actor to put dimension in the character, but those who know film would know how much the actor can influence his role.

Love Scene with Song Ji-hyo and Joo Jin-mo

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In this movie, Jo In-sung played a unique role where he must act as bisexual. He was homosexual with the king but later on became involved with the queen.

During an interview, Jo was asked about his feeling towards the role in A Frozen Flower. He answered that he never regretted his role in the movie. He said, “The reason why I decided to act in A Frozen Flower is to a large extent attributed to the trust for the director and this trust also gave me the confidence to play well in this movie. Director Ryu Ha’s Marriage is a Crazy Thing had a huge controversy over Uhm Jung Hwa’s sexual scenes. But in the end what is left behind in everyone’s memory is still the movie itself. Therefore, I do not have any burden playing in this movie, let alone regret because my co-star is Song Ji Hyo.

Chemistry with Song Ji-hyo at Behind the Scene

The chemistry between Song Ji-hyo and Jo In-sung was really close and friendly. They were captured behind the scene talking casually and teasing each other playfully.

The footage, which was taken on the set of their 2008 movie Frozen Flower, shows Song Ji Hyo making a comment that causes Jo In Sung to playfully attack her with a brush. He then proceeds to stand up before wrapping his arms around her as they both laugh about the situation. Although the clip is quite old, fans couldn’t help but notice the strong chemistry between the two.

Fight Scene in the Movie

As a military commander, Jo was playing some fighting scenes, especially his fighting scene with the king. Are you curious with his fighting scene on a horse? or casually using his sword? Check this behind the scenes look at Jo In-sung in A Frozen Flower.