Jo Hee-bong’s Profile: Birthday, Height, Weight, Wife, and Facts

Jo Hee Bong

Who is Jo Hee-bong?

Joo Hee-bong is a 46-year-old South Korean actor who was praised by the public for his outstanding acting skills in movies and dramas. He is a veteran actor who is popular for always acting in supporting roles in his projects. Now, let’s take a look at his profile and facts about him to find out about his amazing work!

Joo Hee-bong’s Profile

Jo Hee Bong

Joo Hee-bong was born on August 23rd, 1971 in South Korea, and he is a Virgo. He graduated from Sogang University where he majored in Economics. He began his career as an actor in 1997, and he has already finished a lot of movie and drama projects during this time. He is around 175-180 cm tall and weighs about 74kg. He works under Star Village Entertainment, which is the same agency as other veteran actors such as Kang Shin Il, Jin Kyung, Nam Gi Ae, and so on. He is known for his acting in supporting roles in numerous popular movies, theater shows, and dramas. Even though he never gets to act as a lead actor, his has never failed to steal the spotlight for his memorable acting and characters. The public loves his characters, as they only enrich the whole story. He has also worked in various genres, namely romantic comedy, thriller, and mystery. He is considered a versatile actor for his excellent acting in roles that range from serious characters to villains and even comic relief characters. People are curious about his status, whether he is a married man or still single. However, there is limited information about him regarding his personal life, as he is quite secretive about this matter.

Joo Hee-bong’s Memorable Roles

Hong Gil Dong (2008)

Jo Hee Bong

‘Hong Gil Dong’ was his first drama in which he took a role as Jang Geun Suk’s older brother King Gwanghae, the King of Joseon. He played one of the villains in this drama, as he was depicted as a mad and evil king.

Good Doctor (2013)

Jo Hee Bong

His role in ‘Good Doctor’ was as a nice doctor, which is different compared to his role in ‘Hong Gil Dong’. He played Go Choong Man, the Chief of Pediatrics Department, who is lonely and having trouble socializing with his workmates.

You Who Came From The Stars (2013)

Jo Hee Bong

In ‘You Who Came From The Stars’, he was given the role of President Ahn, the CEO of Song-Yi’s talent agency. He was a hypocritical CEO because he prioritized profits rather than his artists’ well-being.

Switch: Change the World (2018)

Jo Hee Bong

This is his newest drama where he finally reunites with Jang Geun Suk after ‘Hong Gild Dong’. He played Director Bong, Sa Do Chan’s (played by JGS) team-mate, and they created a smart yet witty team together, alongside the other characters.

Facts About Joo Hee-bong

Jo Hee Bong
  • He graduated from the same university as Park Geun Hye, the former President of South Korea.
  • He began acting in movies from 2003-present
  • He began acting in dramas from 2006-present
  • He performed in several International Film Festivals because of his collaboration with Kim Tae Yong.
  • ‘Singles’ was his first movie, which marked his debut as a movie actor
  • He began acting as a part of the theater troupe Bipa
  • He took a role as a live narrator in ‘Crossroads of Youth’ (1934) as his collaboration with director Kim Tae Yong for Korea’s oldest surviving silent film
  • ‘Hong Gil Dong’ was his first project where he made his drama debut.
  • He had worked together with Jang Geun Suk in ‘Hong Gil Dong’ before they met again for another project drama ‘Switch: Change the World’.