JJ Project: Profile, Pre-Debut, ‘Bounce’ Era, Dream High, Etc.

JJ Project’s Future: Leaving JYP, Separate Agencies, etc.

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In January 2021, the same time as Got7’s 7th anniversary, JYP Entertainment released an announcement that all of the members of Got7 won’t renew their contracts. It means that they won’t be in JYP Entertainment any longer.

Some people think that this is probably the end of Got7, even some fans were sad too by the fact that they are not in the same company anymore. But Got7 themselves stated that they didn’t disband. They might be separated physically, but they didn’t separate by hearts. Check out more info about GOT7’s future here!

got7 disband?

Then again, Got7’s bond with each member is just too tight. They are just like brothers to each other. They were young back then when they just made a debut, but they are more mature now. Even without a big agency such as JYP Entertainment, they still can keep going.

Jay B and Youngjae have become composers and even produced some Got7 songs. While Jackson has made his own record label called Team Wang and became a CEO at the age of 23. As for Mark, he made his own agency in China after leaving JYP Entertainment. Yugyeom, Bam Bam, and Jinyoung are doing well too.

Then again, it’s not a dark future for Got7 even though they are not in the same agency.

But people are left wondering will there be a future for JJ Project too? Will they come back five years after their second comeback, which will be the 10th anniversary of JJ Project? Jay B is now in an independent agency, while Jinyoung is focusing to be an actor and singer in BH Entertainment. How is it possible for the two of them to come back again?

Well, don’t worry, fellas. Jay B said it himself on a live broadcast that they will make it work to be together again. It will take time, but they promised to come back again in the future. Not only for Got7, Jay B said that he also wants to do another project with JJ Project and even Jus2 where he did a duo with Yugyeom.

So, we don’t need to be disappointed with their decision. Let’s just be patient while waiting for them to come back.

JJ Project and Got7

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JJ Project made a debut two years before Got7’s debut date. Both Jinyoung and Jay B have been known to the public which made Got7 be more anticipated by people when they just made a debut. You probably wondered how Got7 sees JJ Project since their leader and their ‘mom’ were a duo in the past?

Well, Got7 is just being Got7. They are often clowning Jay B and Jinyoung, especially the era where they were so young as rookies. The cute performance of “Bounce” was iconic and cool back then, but Got7 sees that as jokes to throw to both Jay B and Jinyoung. Then again, they are now so different from back then. Of course, it could be embarrassing for Jay B and Jinyoung to recall the old memories.

Let’s see how Got7 clowned Jay B and Jinyoung when they were in JJ Project and Dream High 2!

Got7 also performed “Bounce” on stage on their world tour. Although it has been years since the released date, both Jay B and Jinyoung, as well as other members of Got7 remembered the dance, the lyrics, and the point dance too.

Just look at the reactions of the members when they’re clowning Jay B and Jinyoung. They look exactly like siblings or close friends who throw jokes at each other about the past that they want to forget. Well, but JJ Project’s debut era wasn’t bad at all, it was such a masterpiece from the young Jay B and Jinyoung.


The playfulness of Got7 is something that can never be replaced anywhere. We thought that JJ Project has the strongest bond, but in the end, it was Got7 that actually has the strongest bond, with Jay B and Jinyoung as the core. Jay B and Jinyoung admitted that they have a deeper relationship more than friendship. What do you think of JJ Project? Do you envy their chemistry or want to see more of their interaction? Hopefully, they will make a comeback in the future!