4Minute’s Ji-yoon, SECRET’s Ji-eun, 2NE1’s Dara and Park Bom, and WONDER GIRLS’ Yubin Reunite on MBC’s ‘Video Star’


Second Generation Girl Group Members’ Appearance on MBC’s Radio Star!

4Minute’s Ji-yoon, SECRET’s Ji-eun, 2NE1’s Dara and Park Bom, and WONDER GIRLS’ Yubin reunited on MBC’s Radio Star. In that episode, they revealed their past stories and danced to their hit songs together. They also talked about the secret method that idols use for dating. Stay tuned!

2009 Girl Group Medley


4Minute’s Ji-yoon, SECRET’s Ji-eun, 2NE1’s Dara and Park Bom, and WONDER GIRLS’ Yubin reunited. In this episode, they did a medley performance and performed their most iconic songs.

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Ji-yoon’s Story as a Member of 4MINUTE

Jeon Ji-yoon 4Minute

Ji-yoon, a former member of 4MINUTE, revealed that the members used to weigh themselves in the nude. On MBC’s Radio Star, she explained that their company weighed the members every single day. She said, “It was a lot of pressure on the members to be weighed every day, so they took off all of their clothes including their innerwear. The members even argued that they shouldn’t weigh their hair because it was also a part of the weight so they lifted their hair for each other when they went on the scale.” Ji-yoon also confessed that when they lifted their hair for each other, they pulled it up so that it lifted a couple of kilos off of their weight.

When talking about the groups, Ji-yoon said that she’d originally been a vocalist in 4MINUTE. Their tracks were more focused on the dance performance. The group didn’t have songs where singing was showcased. She also said that people don’t recognize her now, and talked about how she always wore sunglasses in the period after their debut. “Whenever I left the dorm, I’d always wear sunglasses,” she said. “It was really a ‘mysterious’ concept. I even wore them in the waiting rooms.”

Ji-yoon also shared that once when she was sleeping, 2PM’s Taecyeon came to 4MINUTE’s waiting room because he was curious about what she looked like without her sunglasses. She said that he was so surprised when she woke up that he ran out of the room. Ji-yoon also said that he probably saw half of it, as her sunglasses might have slipped a bit.

Yu-bin’s Story as a Member of Wonder Girls


Yubin of Wonder Girls appeared on MBC’s Video Star because of Dara. She said, “I came because of you, unni.” Yubin explained, “Unni‘s the kind of person who has a hard time getting close to people, and so am I. We gave each other cookies back and forth for three months, and Unni asked me for my number first.”

Yubin shared the story of her debut with Wonder Girls and their huge hit “Tell Me.” After Wonder Girls debuted in 2007 with “Irony,” member HyunA left the group due to health issues, and Yubin joined as a new member for their “Tell Me” comeback.

Yubin said, “In the two weeks before my debut, I recorded 12 songs, filmed a music video, and learned choreography for three songs, HyunA had left due to health issues and they were looking for a new member, so I was cast for Wonder Girls while I was preparing for Five Girls.”

Yubin also shared that the members didn’t like “Tell Me” at first, explaining that it was because of the retro concept as they hadn’t lived in that generation. She said, “We wanted to do something pretty, but we had to curl our hair and wear colorful make-up like green eyeshadow, so we didn’t like it, I thought that we’d do a concept like ‘Irony’ but we had to do ‘Tell Me,’ so I was really shocked.”