Let’s Check Out Former T-ara Member, Jiyeon, Instagram Feeds and Her Latest News!

Latest News

Jiyeon joined a new agency

Jiyeon T-Ara has been confirmed to get a new agency. She has reportedly joined the Chinese agency, Longzhen Culture, after leaving MBK Entertainment.

The agency also supported Jiyeon’s new career and held a fan meeting, despite the fact that it had to be postponed due to the artist’s health problems. New news says that Jiyeon has now joined an agency in Korea, Partners Park.

This news was immediately confirmed by the agency. “We will manage Jiyeon’s management in Korea, which has been actively working as a singer and actress. With professional support from Partners Park, we will fully support Jiyeon’s talents to shine in domestic activities. We will help Jiyeon meet many people through various activities.”

After a long time of not appearing on social media and new activities, Jiyeon was, of course, missed by her many fans. Through her new post, many fans commented that they wanted to see Jiyeon immediately, through k-artisan activities.

Partners Park has overseen many famous celebrities. Names like Ku Hye Sun, Han Ye Seul, and Cha Joo Young, who are familiar with Korean fans, are all also part of the agency.

Jiyeon Will Release A New Song

On November 27, Jiyeon’s agency, Longzhen Culture, officially stated, “Jiyeon is currently preparing a new song to be released in mid-December. The song will be released as a digital single.

Reported from the Soompi, the agency added, “Because we are discussing the release date with the distributor, so the exact date has not been decided.”

The digital single that will be released marks Jiyeon’s first activity under her new Chinese agency. Jiyeon joined the agency in May this year, after T-ara’s departure from MBK Entertainment. This release will also mark Jiyeon’s first solo comeback since her solo debut in 2014 with the song Never Ever.