Ji Soo-Chaeyeon vs Jinyoung-Chaeyeon vs Choi Ri-Kang Taeoh: Which Is Your Favorite Couple From ‘My First First Love’?


Find Out More About Couple’s Chemistry in ‘My First First Love’, Here!

Do you know one of the K-Dramas that was broadcast on Netflix in 2019, My First First Love (hangul: 첫사랑 은 처음 이라서)? This drama is a drama genre that has a romance storyline and presents several young actresses and actors who have excellent chemistry and acting skills. Among them are Jisoo, Jung Chae-yeon, Jung Jin-young Choi-ri, and Kang Tae-oh. They are told as friends and know each other well.

However, what makes the story of this drama even more interesting to watch is the occurrence of a love triangle and also some problems when love begins to appear when all of them are actually friends who should support each other. Not only that, but each of them also has a personal problem that makes him sometimes sad or insecure. But because of their friendship, a problem was not a big difficulty for their lives.

In this article, we will discuss in more detail about the chemistry that is entwined between couples from My First First Love. Who is the couple who deserves to have the title with the best chemistry from this drama? Let’s look and find more information in the article below!

About Drama My First First Love


Tells the story of life in their 20s, there are 5 people who are friends and have experienced the sweetness of life! There are Tae-oh (played by Jisoo), Song Yi (played by Jung Chae-yeon), Do-hyun (played by Jinyoung), Ga-rin (played by Choi Ri), and Hoon (played by Kang Tae-oh). The five of them get to know each other because of Tae-oh. So this Tae-oh really is a sociable guy who has lots of friends and they can get to know each other because they are all friends with Tae-oh.


We all have one friendship gang who often spends time together. It’s the same as the gang in the drama My First First Love. So Song Yi is Tae-oh’s little friend, then Do-hyun is Tae-oh’s best friend on campus. Whereas Hoon was Tae-oh’s best friend in middle school, and finally Ga-rin was Tae-oh’s best friend whom he knew through social media. Apparently there is a love triangle in this drama, which is between Tae-oh, Song Yi, and Do-hyun. Tae-oh and Song Yi, who have been friends since they were 3 years old, don’t realize that they have a little more than just friends.


Meanwhile, Song Yi accidentally meets with Do-hyun and after several times they meet in an awkward condition so that slowly but surely the love between the two of them grows. Actually Tae-oh also likes his seniors on campus, so initially, there wasn’t an impression of a love triangle between them. But over time this conflict arose, even more, when Song Yi and Do-hyun got closer!


Many say that between a girl and a boy can not be pure friendship because there must be a feeling of love between them. What happened between Tae-oh and Song Yi. They both were very close since childhood, even in high school even Song Yi’s friends had doubts about their friendly relations. Until college, Tae-oh also always picks up Song Yi at his home and to campus together. Initially, their relationship was normal, and they also gave mutual advice about dating relationships.


But when they are close to each other, the sense of attention between the two is even more pronounced. Hoon tells Tae-oh too much that the two of them are overreacting and suggests to act like friends rather than boyfriends. Each of them has their own problems. Tae-oh looks very cheerful, but actually he really misses the figure of his mother who died when Tae-oh was 3 years old. In addition, Tae-oh’s father is known as a ‘loan shark’ who likes to collect debts from parents of his friends, including parents Song Yi and Do-hyun.


Song Yi was left by her mother after her father died and their home was confiscated. For this reason, Song Yi was forced to hitchhike to stay at Tae-oh’s house because she couldn’t contact her mother. Do-hyun comes from a humble family, and so far she has always tried and studied to work as a civil servant. Ga-rin is the daughter of a rich family who ran away from home because she was tired of the rules in her house. That’s why Ga-rin stayed at Tae-oh’s house.


Finally Hoon, was expelled from his home because his parents forbade Hoon to become a singer. Hoon also lives at Tae-oh’s house. Regardless of the problems and trials experienced by each of them, but they are all still young and want to enjoy this youth. For this reason, they become friends and spend time together doing fun and mutual support when there is one friend who is sad.

Ji Soo and Chae-yeon Interaction

On April 12, 2019, the crew and cast of the short drama Netflix My First First Love held a press conference. This press conference was held at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul and was attended by director Oh Jin Seok, as well as the five main players. Starting from Jung Chae-yeon, Jisoo, Jinyoung, Choi Ri, and Kang Tae-oh.

During the event, Jung Chae-yeon was asked about his co-star, Jisoo. Responding to this question, Jung Chae-yeon talked a little about her character with Jisoo in the drama. “(Jisoo and I) are friends who have known each other for almost 20 years (in dramas),” Jung Chae-yeon said. “I’m worried because we have to be really close in real life so that (friendship in drama) can be shown naturally.”


Jung Chae-yeon then reveals that Jisoo approached him first to get close. They even fought on the set. “Luckily, (Jisoo) approached me first and even fought with me (like a friend) on the set,” said Jung Chae-yeon. “We can get closer to each other very quickly.


Besides the closeness and chemistry of Jung Chae-yeon and Jisoo in the My First First Love scene, a post on an online community site highlighted Jung Chae-yeon’s and Jisoo’s Instagram posts. Both posts are considered like lovestagram posts.

Jung Chae-yeon uploaded a photo with a sea view background on her Instagram @ j_chaeyeoni account. Whereas Jisoo posted a photo with a similar theme on her Instagram account, @actor_jisoo on the same day. This post was also liked by Chae-yeon.

The post got a lot of reactions from the netters. Not a few netters who attacked the uploader behind the post because it was considered absurd. The reason is, Jisoo and Jung Chae-yeon are currently filming a drama.

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A post shared by Jisoo (@actor_jisoo) on

OP (netter who publishes posts) should first find out before writing this post. I’m going to be embarrassed, hahaha,” teased the netter. “They play in the same drama,” said another netter. “I just read this post and thought, ‘Crazy, they must be dating’ … Of course, you also have to read the comments section,” commented the netter. “OP-ya, don’t tell me you’re a fan of Jung Chae-yeon and you want to promote it? At least do it smartly,” added another.


Not only that, but some photos from behind the scene from the filming process of My First First Love were also caught on camera. Jung Chae-yeon is seen with a very simple and casual outfit being pillion by Jisoo.

Photos of Jisoo and Jung Chae-yeon filming My First First Love began circulating on social media. In the photo, we can see Jung Chae-yeon who looks beautiful in a college student dress. Another photo shows Chae-yeon on a motorcycle by Jisoo.

Jisoo plays the character Yoo Tae-oh, a freshman majoring in business administration. Despite having everything, handsome, rich, and studying at a well-known university, his life was less happy because of the condition of his home. He meets and falls in love with Han Song Yi (played by Jung Chae-yeon) who lives with him due to personal matters.

Jin-young and Chae-yeon Interaction

Jung Chae-yeon also talked about her other co-star, Jinyoung. “Just like the character, (Jinyoung) is also very sweet in real life. I have no trouble (shooting with him),” said Jung Chae-yeon.


It’s easy to predict that Do-Hyun and Song-Yi will end up being lovers. But this is not without obstacles. Interestingly, in My First First Love, all the obstacles of their relationship that looks simple are actually not simple. Worse, sometimes have to deal with Tae-Oh.


Song-Yi’s mother turns out to leave a pile of debt to Tae-Oh’s father and Do-Hyun’s father, unable to pay the store rental fee. Both are hit by financial problems and the same estuary is the Tae-Oh family. But Netflix’s original drama was reluctant to drag on in grief or intrigue between friends.


After all, Do-Hyun and Song-Yi managed to solve their problems in an adult manner and this made it difficult for viewers to not shipping their relationship. The problem is then they then decide to keep the love affair to Tae-Oh.


Besides being a couple in My First First Love, Jung Chae-yeon and Jinyoung also briefly appeared as models in a magazine. They again showed their excellent chemistry in the photo shoot and were seen as a very romantic couple. Jung Chae-yeon and Jinyoung became models for Korean Nylon magazine. As a new couple, both of them look very romantic and funny for the photoshoot.


Netizens see the two as perfect for posing with products from Jill Stuart Accessories. Even many fans who saw Chae-yeon and Jinyoung’s faces resemble each other. “Both are very funny. Like brothers and sisters, but looks like a couple too,” wrote the netters. “Chae-yeon is very pretty. The more I see them, the more fun they are. I’m jealous,” added another netizen.