Profile of Jin Yi-han and Facts About His Wife

Jin Yi-han’s Thoughts about Marriage and Ideal Woman

Jin Yi Han

He also shared his views about marriage, his ideal type, and dates with the public. He actually sees marriage as a great decision to strengthen a relationship with his partner. Yet, he also thinks that marriage does not guarantee that people will have a happy life and long-term relationship ahead. Because of this reason, he doesn’t want to rush into marrying someone because he wants to avoid the hurt and pain of a failed relationship. As for his ideal type, he said that he likes a charming woman who looks better without makeup. He is also looking for a woman who can appreciate him as himself, and not see him for what he has. Furthermore, an ideal date for him would be a home cinema date, where he can spend quality time with his girlfriend with lots of snacks and food around them.

Facts About Jin Yi-han
  • He said that Ha Ji Won is the one to whom he was closest during the filming of ‘Empress Ki’
  • He started his role as a main character in ‘My Secret Hotel’ with Yoo In Na and Nam Goong Min.
  • He said that he was confident about his collarbones, and he referred to them as sexier than his six-pack abs.
  • He met Kim Jae Joong in the filming of the drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ and they became close, and remain close friends, even after they finished filming the drama.
  • He was involved in a major car accident while filming ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ and suffered temporary after-effects from the accident.
  • His dream was to become a comedian when he was a child.
  • Jin Yi-han has the same blood type as Kim Jae Joong, and they also have similar personalities.
  • Kim Jae Joong helped him to increase his tolerance for alcohol and now he knows how to enjoy being drunk.
  • In an interview, he said that he felt grateful for actors Joo Jin Mo and Kwon Oh Joong as they helped him out and gave him advice while he was paying Tal Tal in ‘Empress Ki’.
  • Many people say that he looks like Song Jae Rim.

Jin Yi-han’s Filmography
Year Title (Dramas)
2007 Conspiracy of the Court
Evasive Inquiry Agency
2008 Who Are You?
2008-2009 All About My Family
2012 A Good Day for the Wind to Blow
2010-2011 All My Love For You
2011-2012 Hooray For Love
Come, Come, Absolutely Come
What’s Up?
2012 Time Slip Dr. Jin
2012 Another Wedding (drama special)
2013 Master’s Sun

Empress Ki

2014 A New Leaf
My Secret Hotel
2015 The Family Is Coming
2016 Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight
2016-2017 Golden Pouch
2018 Cross


Year Title (Films)
2004 Love, So Divine
2010 Break Away
2018 Faceless Boss

Music Video

Year Title (Music Video) Artist
2004 “Live Wire” Seo Taiji
2009 “Tell Me Why” Untouchable feat. Hwayoung
“Like the First Time” T-Ara
“Again, Waiting for the First Train” Jung Tae Chun and Park Eun Ok
2011 “To Live at Least Once” 4MEN
“It’s Not Working”