Did Jin Se-yeon Have Plastic Surgery? Here Are Before and After Pictures!

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Jin Se-yeon Have Plastic Surgery?

South Korea is well known as a country with lots of options for plastic surgery. This is especially true in the Gangnam area of Seoul, the capital. Gangnam is a wealthy area, where you can find lots of designer wear and other luxuries. If you are strolling around in Gangnam, you will see lots of plastic surgery clinics there, too, and many ads for various surgeries, as well. According to the National Tax Service, there were a total of 1,414 plastic surgery clinics registered in South Korea in September, 2017, and 470 of them are located in Gangnam.

Some foreign media oulets claim that 20% of Korean women have undergone some form of cosmetic surgery. If that percentage is accurate, it means plastic surgery has become a habit among the Korean people.

As an actress, Jin Se-yeon has to maintain her looks and body to look good on camera. There have been many rumors that she’s used plastic surgery as one of the ways she does it. Lacking concrete, real, evidence about the truth of those claims, we’ve gathered several past pictures of Jin Se-yeon, which you can look over, below, and come to your own conclusions!


Here are some pictures of Jin Se-yeon from before she made her debut. She’s looked good since she was a child, but we can see the difference on her id card photo, that her eyes have double eyelids. For her nose, we can see that it was already well-shaped, even as a child. Thus, we think her nose is natural.


If we compare the photos from before her debut to photos from after her debut, we can’t see much difference, but if we look closely at her id photo and her debut days photo, she has bigger eyes than when she was a child. Rumors suggest that she has done a double eyelid surgery, and she re-shaped her eyes to look larger and more lively.


There are other rumors about her, with regard to plastic surgery. Some people believe that she had breast augmentation. If we compare her debut days photo with this one, we can see the difference, but, we can’t claim whether that difference is from having work done, or if it was just the result of natural growing-up.

Jin Se-yeon hasn’t said anything one way or the other about whether she’s had any cosmetic surgery or not. As we can see, there are some differences in her face and body from before her debut to after, but we don’t know for sure whether she had work done, or it just a part of growing up.

So, do you think she got plastic surgery?