Learn More About ‘The Penthouse’ Actress Jin Ji-hee’s Acting Appearances, Here!

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Jin Ji-hee’s Acting Performances: From A Child Actress to an Amazing Actress!

Do you know about Jin Ji-hee? People might have recognized her acting appearance in several dramas such as The Penthouse, Schoolgirl Detectives, and more, but do you know that she started as a child actress? In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed run-through of Jin Ji-hee’s acting appearances, so stay tuned!

Jin Ji-hee’s Career Journey as an Actress

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Ever since she was younger, Jin Ji-hee had already met her passion for acting. In 2003, Jin Ji-hee made her first acting appearance in the drama Yellow Handkerchief with the role of Lee Yoo-na. She also grew up as a child actress while focusing on her studies as well.

However, Jin Ji-hee was a great student since she got straight As during school despite her occupation as an actress. To study acting, even more, Jin Ji-hee also attended Chung-ang University. As she grew older, Jin Ji-hee made various drama appearances and got even more praise for her acting. Currently, Jin Ji-hee is one of the actresses under C-Jes Entertainment.

Jin Ji-hee in High Kick Through the Roof

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High Kick Through The Roof was one of the most popular situation comedies (sitcom) in South Korea that has released in 2009! The plot focused on Lee Soon-jae’s family which is filled with his children and the grandchildren as well.

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The sitcom also marked Jin Ji-hee’s first appearance as a child actress since in the drama she portrayed the young Jin Ji-hee! In High Kick Through The Roof, she played the role of Jeong Hae-ri. She was known as a selfish elementary school girl who was also spoiled by the family since they were rich. She didn’t have such a great attitude and a lack of ambitions in school.

Jin Ji-hee in Schoolgirl Detectives

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Schoolgirl Detectives (2014) focused on the detective club in Seonam Girls High School. They have to cooperate with other people to solve various cases and help each other as well. The drama also presented many related stories of teenagers such as bullying cases, sexuality issues, and teenagers’ love stories.

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In the drama, Jin Ji-hee played the role of Ahn Chae-yool, a part of the Seonam detective club called the Advisor since she was very good at resolving a case and collecting evidence. On the other side, Ahn Chae-yool is also known as a confident girl, but she deals with insecurities sometimes.

Jin Ji-hee in The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen

the temperature of language: our nineteen web drama

The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen was a school-romance web drama that was released in 2016. The storyline revolves around students who have different personalities and meet their problems as teenagers as well. They are Woo Jin-ah (Jin Ji-hee), Lee Chan-sol (Nam Yoon-soo), and Han Yoo-ri (Kang Min-ah).

the temperature of language: our nineteen web drama

Jin Ji-hee played the role of Woo Jin-ah, an ordinary girl with her life as a high school student and close friend of Han Yoo-ri. One day, Woo Jin-ah finds her friends have changed their behavior when they were in the 11th grade. She also follows the way and decides to make an SNS and find another “world” for her.

Jin Ji-hee in The Penthouse: War In Life

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The Penthouse became one of the most successful K-Dramas in 2020, which led Jin Ji-hee’s popularity to also raise even more! It is a narrated story about elite people who live in a luxury apartment named Hera Palace. Their lives are filled with competition, wealth, and more cunning actions. One day, there is a girl who dies in Hera Palace, and people start suspecting each other about who the real killer is.

jin ji hee in 'the penthouse'

In the drama, Jin Ji-hee took the role of Yoo Jenny, the daughter of Kang Ma-ri (Eun Kyung-shin) who is a part of Hera Palace’s club elite people. From The Penthouse Season 1, she portrayed the villain character who was quite cruel and used to bully people. She also competes with other students to go to Cheong-a High School.

These are some of Jin Ji-hee’s best acting performances! She has proved her desire for acting since a young age, and eventually, she grew up into such a stunning actress! Which one is your favorite acting performance from Jin Ji-hee? Write your opinion in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!