BTS’ Jimin’s Family: Parents, Siblings, and Jimin’s Family’s Restaurant

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Jimin and His Brother Get Their Handsome Looks From Their Handsome Father

As one of the most handsome and best-looking BTS members, fans always wonder about the appearance of Jimin’s father or Jimin’s brother. It turns out that good looks run in Jimin’s family. His father and younger brother are both equally cool, handsome, and successful. Jimin’s family runs a family restaurant and is currently operating an elegant coffee shop.

Find out the profile and facts about Jimin’s parents, brother, and their family restaurant in this article!

Jimin’s Family Members

jimin family

BTS’ Jimin was born in a small family of two boys. Park Jimin has a younger brother, Park Ji-hyun, who is two years younger than him. Jimin’s younger brother is around the same age as BTS’ maknae, Jungkook. Jimin’s father, Park Hyun-soo, works as a prosecutor while his mother operates a family restaurant.

Jimin’s Family Background

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Jimin’s family lived in Busan since Jimin was a small child. When he was small, he was blessed with an athletic body. Jimin used to practice Taekwondo regularly, and he owned a black belt in Taekwondo. Initially, he wanted to be a police officer, but later, he chose to be a professional dancer since he loved dancing too much. He joined Busan High School of Arts to learn more about dancing

Jimin’s Family’s Restaurant

jimin family

Jimin’s family operates a restaurant called Alice Table. The restaurant is located in the Busan area. There was a rumor that the restaurant was closed temporarily and later reopened under the management of Jimin’s aunt. In 2019, Jimin’s father opened a new café called Magnate at the Daeyon District, Busan. The café is located at the center of three famous universities in the Busan area and oftentimes becomes the best place to hang out in Busan.

The Magnate café is nothing of the ordinary sort. The entrance exudes exclusiveness while the interior exudes elegance. The café is very spacious and filled with a mixture of contemporary art ornaments and modest luxury furniture. Most importantly, the café provides a very reasonable price for local university students or regular customers. Other than coffee and tea, the Magnate café also serves desserts such as pastries and cakes.

Jimin’s Relationship With His Family

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Jimin’s parents have always been supportive of Jimin’s dream. His parents used to worry about Jimin’s health because of his bad eating habits. When they visited Jimin during his training period, Jimin’s parents always asked him to eat regularly. His parent said that Jimin looked better after eating regularly and succeeding with his diet program.

jimin family

On behalf of Jimin, Jimin’s father donated around 90,000 USD to students in Jimin’s hometown, Busan. His father personally gave the donation to the education department in Busan. It was a rare occasion to see Jimin’s father. Now, we can see who Jimin got his handsome face from.

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