Are You A Verified ‘JiKook’ Shipper? Find Out About Their Fan-art, Memes, And A Lot More!

JiKook Moments

bts jimin and jungkook

Jimin and Jungkook are one of those BTS ships that always shows their affection for each other. For example, having a lot of skinship during the world tour, interactions while filming their reality show, and many more.

Now, we’re going to find out more about their moments at various times and events. So, JiKook shippers, are you ready for it?

In the picture below, we can see Jimin and Jungkook comforting each other while they were crying during a concert. It’s such a warm and lovely sight for all JiKook shippers out there, isn’t it?

bts jimin and jungkook
bts jimin and jungkook
bts jimin and jungkook

JiKook doing a photoshoot for their first ‘Winter Package’ at Helenski in 2019, where it looks a lot like pre-wedding pictures.

bts jimin and jungkook

A JiKook selca? Sure thing~!

bts jimin and jungkook

There is also a lot of video showing various JiKook moments, especially on YouTube. Let’s take a look at one of them!

Is JiKook Real?

Even though Jimin and Jungkook themselves never said anything about their true sexuality to the public, there are some ARMY, especially JiKook shippers, who have gathered a lot of proof about their real relationship. They’ve even posted it on several social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Now, Channel-Korea will also reveal some of the theories JiKook shippers have about the couple. Whether its true or not, believe it or not, the answer is on your own hands. So, are you ready for this? Let’s go, JiKook shippers!

During the WINGS Concert

In their first-ever film, ‘Burn The Stage,’ there’s a clip where Jungkook was in a bad condition, and finally collapsed backstage at their last concert in Chile. When the medical team brought him into a room to lie down and treat Jungkook’s weak body, Jimin looks at him anxiously while peeping into the room. He was so alert, focused, and alarmed by the situation.

bts jimin and jungkook

In the next scene,  the majority of the people inside the room were gone, including the other BTS members. Earlier, RM asked Jungkook, “Do you want us to leave the room?” and he replied with yes. The only remaining member inside the room was Jimin, and he even helped, assisting the medical staff to stretch Jungkook’s leg.

There is this interesting thing behind it: while RM says, “Do you want us to leave?” also J-Hope says, “Let’s go out.” the words “Us” and “Let’s” in their sentences didn’t include Jimin.  That might mean Jimin’s relationship with Jungkook was different, unlike with the other hyung’s.

bts jimin and jungkook

The other BTS member and their staff are accepting Jimin’s presence over them. Jimin has the priority for being at Jungkook’s side during this stressful and difficult moment. They’re all willing to put their worries aside and let the two have their own privacy and comforting moment with each other.

One Room for Two People at Osaka Hotel?

Let’s move on to the other theory, where JiKook was accused of being in one hotel room together in Osaka. It all started when V visited Jungkook’s room. Want to know more about the theory conspiracy behind it? Let’s check out the video analysis below!

Another Hotel Room VLive That Caused Speculation

A Full Undercover of Jimin and Jungkook’s V Live during their New Jersey world tour. And guess what, this also happened in a hotel room. Here is the video:

An Analysis Where Jungkook Is Being Jealous

And that was all for today’topic about JiKook couple. We hope that all the shippers out there are satisfied enough about this article. Don’t forget to leave a positive comment and share this to other people, so they can catch up with the latest information about their favorite Korean artists with Channel-Korea.

Until we meet in the next article, see you next time everyone~!