Who Is Actor Ji Soo’s Girlfriend? All About His Love Life and Dating!


Who is Ji Soo?

Kim Ji-soo, known only as Ji Soo, was born on March 3, 1993, in South Korea; he is a popular South Korean actor. Ji Soo graduated from Seoul Digital Arts University, majoring in Film and Theater. He was a trainee at JYP Entertainment, and he trained in judo in elementary school, competing throughout the country.

Ji Soo’s Ideal Type

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For his ideal type of woman, Ji Soo said, “I like someone with a beautiful look. I think there is a difference between someone with a charismatic stare and someone with a beautiful look. If someone has a beautiful view in their eyes, then you want to keep seeing it. If they have a beautiful smile, too, then you want to keep them laughing.” In particular, Ji Soo shared that he likes US and European actresses like Natalie Portman, Amanda Seyfried, and Marion Cotillard. “They are the actresses I like the most and respect,” he concluded.

When asked if he liked older women in reality, Ji Soo replied, “I dated someone older in the past, but she was only older. We treat each other like friends.” He then talked about his age preferences when dating, saying,” I think the same age is the best. It’s the most comfortable when they are similar to me in age, like maybe a year older or younger.”

When asked about the age limit, he replied, “I don’t think I can decide. If she is five years older than me, but we can act like friends, then I think that’s okay. If there is too much age difference, it will make me think more rationally. However, if we are well connected and my instincts are stronger than my rational thinking, then I will be able to approve it.”

Ji Soo’s Ideal Date

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When he is in a relationship, Ji Soo likes to have good communication with his girlfriend; he believed that a relationship consists of at least 97% communication. If the girl he’s dating can communicate well, she’s also likely to be polite and have a good sense of humor. He likes to spend time dating and falling in love through conversation. Ji Soo hasn’t dated for a while, but he doesn’t think he really realizes what love is, yet, so he believes that acting in love stories and portraying romantic characters will help him improve his dating situation.

The South Korean actor is attentive as In Gook-du, from Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, planning a Valentine’s date by prioritizing his girlfriend. According to him, he will eat whatever his girlfriend likes during a date, while facing a beautiful view.

Not only that, before declaring his feelins, Ji Soo likes to give instructions to the other party first, before saying, “I like you.” According to him, he doesn’t want the person he likes to be surprised by a sudden declaration (which would involve many bouquets of flowers). On the other hand, Ji Soo’s ideal girl is someone he can connect with.

Ji Soo’s Relationships

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Ji Soo isn’t currently dating anyone. In March, 2016, he revealed that he had not dated anybody since 2014, and that he had no experience in love; he will love starring in romantic dramas, which he believes will increase the feeling of romance and help his love life as a whole. Ji Soo stated that he wanted to have a relationship now, but being an actor, and therefore being very busy, makes things like that more difficult for him; he said that his current desire was only to find someone he could connect with.