Ji Jin-hee’s Profile, Drama List, Wedding Ceremony and Family

Ji Jin-hee’s Family

Ji Jin Hee Family

Being a handsome lead actor in South Korea, Ji Jin-hee has many female fans who like him for the characters he plays, but not all people like the character he played on ‘I Have a Lover’ in 2015, as Choi Jin-eon played a husband who cheated on his wife, but the real life of Ji Jin Hee is so different from that character. Ji Jin-hee has been happily married since 2004. He tied the knot with his girlfriend of six years, graphic designer Lee Soo Yeon. The meeting between them took place when Ji Jin-hee was a photographer who took Lee Soo Yeon’s picture for graduation. After having been married for fourteen years, Ji Jin-hee is still in love with his wife, and has been devoted to her until now. They have been blessed with two children.

Ji Jin-hee wedding

Latest News of Ji Jin-Hee

After appearing as the lead male actor on ‘Misty’ in early 2018, playing the role of a lawyer, and being paired up with Kim Nam-joo as a married couple, Misty is a melodrama in the mystery genre that succeeded at stealing the hearts of many. Now the actors are rumored to be working for a new variety show with famous producer, PD Yoo Ho-jin, who is known for his golden work as 1 Night’s 2 Days, and co-directing a drama with Cha Tae-hyun, The Best Hit. The theme of the variety show itself is exploring nature, according to KBS Broadcast Officials. But until now, there is no further news about when the show will air.