Ji Jin-hee’s Appearance On ‘Running Man’ Episode!

ji jin hee

Let’s See Ji Jin-hee’s Episode on Running Man!

Ji Jin-hee is, no doubt, an amazing actor, has a handsome face, is manly, and has a great body. Though he’s now 47 years old, he doesn’t act like it even while acting in the drama Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace) as a government official who falls in love with a female chef turned royal physician. He has attracted people, especially female fans, all across Asia.

He is also capable of playing the bad guy, as shown when he played as a playboy in the romantic comedy Miss Kim’s Million Dollar Quest. He also played as a husband who left his wife and cheated with his colleague in the I Have a Lover drama. Since both of these characters are bad, Ji Jin-hee admits that people started to give him a cold shoulder, even his own wife. “I met with some women in my apartment lift a few days ago, and they said they enjoyed my drama. Even my wife got mad at me because I cheated in the drama, but now, she is enjoying it.”

Despite all of that, who can guess that he is also a funny guy. People started to see this new side of him when he first made a guest appearance on Running Man episodes 76-77. His variety skills are no joke, and he quickly adapted to the atmosphere, making him such a fun guy to be with.

His first appearance was on Running Man episode 76 where he appeared with Joo Sang-wook, Lee Chun-hee, and Kim Sung-soo. In this episode, the 4 of them were killers whose purpose is to catch the Running Man. Check out the trailer below:

He also made a 2nd guest appearance on episode 116-117 with Song Chang-eui and Ji Sung. On this episode, he earned the new nickname “The New Icon of Betrayer”. If you’re curious, see the trailer below and guess what kind of game they played:

Also, he was on episode 308 with Kim Hee-ae. In this episode, they played “Avoid or Disturb Agent H Special”. See the trailer here:

And, see these photos of him on Running Man!