All About Ji Hansol of Newkidd: Profile, SM Rookies, Missing and Hospitalized

Newkidd’s Ji Hansol’s Performance on Stage


We have seen how Hansol struggled in the years of his pre-debut life, we also found out the story of his debut with Newkidd and why he didn’t debut with NCT. Now, it’s time to see the performances of Hansol in some music shows with Newkidd with the videos that only focus on his dancing on stage!

What do you think of Hansol’s performance? His dance is so powerful and his expressions changed really fast just like the beat of the music. Hansol is really a great dancer!

Newkidd’s Ji Hansol’s Gone Missing and Hospitalized


Even though Hansol’s appearance with Newkidd is great and all, but some fans are still not feeling satisfied with the agency. This is because of the incident with the injury of some members that even had to be hospitalized in April 2020. The agency said that there were three members that got injured, but they didn’t specify who.

What made people angry is that the agency didn’t update the fans about the members, including Hansol. People were even more upset when Hansol’s Instagram was updated with a picture of Hansol that had been posted a long time ago as if trying to trick people that it was a recent picture.


Gladly, all the members are in a good place now, they have recovered and are in a good condition after months of no news from the agency. However, even though the members have recovered, the agency didn’t give them any activity or comeback songs. It made the fans even angrier.

Hopefully, the agency will give Newkidd great projects and comeback songs in the future. It was such a pity that the talents of the boys couldn’t be shown to the public.


We have reached the end of this article about Hansol from Newkidd. He is really such a great dancer, even from before making a debut. It was such a pity that he wasn’t in the same place as his friends in SM Entertainment, but at least Hansol is happy right now. What do you think of Hansol’s story? Which parts of his charms do you like the most? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section, please.