The Handsome SM Rookies Trainee Ji Han-sol Leaves SM Entertainment- What Happened?

Let’s Get to Know Better Former SM Rookies Trainee Ji Han-sol

Ji Han-sol was born on November 21st, 1994, in Busan, South Korea. He is one of the former trainees from the big agency SM Entertainment. He joined as a member of the pre-debut group made by SM Entertainment in 2013, SM Rookies. He was publicly introduced as a member of SM Rookies on December 16th, 2013, and almost made his debut together with NCT members under SM Entertainment. He is known for his excellent dancing, vocal and rap abilities. In 2017, it became known that he ended his contract and left SM Entertainment because he preferred to take part in the survival program under KBS, The Unit, with SHINee’s Taemin, who became a judge. In April 2018, he made his debut as a member of UNB from the survival program The Unit. At this time, Ji Han-sol was one of the members of the rookie group under J-FLO Entertainment, NewKidd.

Ji Han-sol’s Facts
  • His nickname is Picassol.
  • He was born in Busan, South Korea.
  • His family includes him, his father, his mother, an older sister, and an older brother.
  • Ji Han-sol’s sister is older than him by 12 years.
  • Ji Han-sol’s brother is older than him by 10 years.
  • Ji Han-sol’s is a member of the rookie boy group NewKidd.
  • He was sheltered under J-FLO Entertainment.
  • He is a former SM Trainee.
  • He is a former member of an SM Pre-debut group, SM Rookies.
  • He almost debuted as a member of NCT.
  • He was featured in NCT’s “Switch.”
  • Ji Han-sol was a member of the SM Rookies that were introduced on December 16th, 2013, and he was also a graduate of SM Rookies.
  • Ji Han-sol first appeared in the reality show program, NCT Life, season 1 in Bangkok.
  • He was close friends with SHINee’s deceased member, Jonghyun.
  • Ji Han-sol entered SM through the 2012 SM Audition in Seoul.

The Reason Why Ji Han-sol Left SM Entertainment And SM Rookies

Since a few months ago, NCT fans were excited about Ji Han-sol, the pre-debuted team member of SM Rookies. According to the news circulating among fans, Ji Han-sol, who was originally going to debut as an NCT member, was rumored to have left SM Entertainment. This rumor is not without reason considering Ji Han-sol opened a personal Instagram account and SM Entertainment trainees are not allowed to have social media accounts.

As one of the most popular members of SM Rookies, Ji Han-sol successfully garnered more than 60 thousand followers since he launched his personal Instagram account a few days ago. Ji Han-sol also only follows 9 accounts, but none of them are official SM Entertainment accounts or personal Instagram accounts of SM Entertainment artists. Of course, this made the fans anxious that they could not wait to see him debut under the auspices of the big agency. However, somehow, Ji Han-sol even seemed to distance himself from SM Entertainment. The allegations of fans were proved after seeing his first appearance in the survival program The Unit, in 2017. As is known, SM Entertainment will never send their trainee to participate in any survival program, unless the trainee has left SM Entertainment.

Ji Han-sol was introduced by SM Entertainment as one of the trainees who joined the pre-debut team under SM Entertainment, SM Rookies. His presence increasingly made fans curious at the time of his first appearance in the reality show program NCT Life, season 1 in Bangkok.

Many fans suspected that the reason for the release of Ji Han-sol from SM Entertainment and SM Rookies is that he didn’t debut, while his friends at SM Rookies had debuted first as NCT, in 2016.

Ji Han-sol’s News After Graduating from SM Rookies


The fans who attended the SM Rookies must know the figure named Ji Han-sol. He is a member of the predicate team from SM Entertainment called SM Rookies.

SM Rookies (SR16B) graduated in 2016. The members are 15 handsome boys, Taeil, Hansol, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Ten, Kun, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, and Jisung. The existence of one of them, Ji Han-sol, seems to have been swallowed by the earth.

And to no surprise! Ji Han-sol, who has been eagerly waiting and expecting to debut with NCT, has not made his debut until now, having appeared in NCT LIFE in Bangkok‘s first season, after which he went missing without any news. Even though some of them (SR16B) have officially made their debut with NCT.

Many have wondered where Ji Han-sol is until now. Until a new post clears this, the content of one of the posts so far is the following:
“Is there any news about Ji Han-sol? I don’t understand why Ji Han-sol didn’t debut. No matter what, he’s good at dancing like Ten and Taeyong but why didn’t he debut? There are only 4 people out of 50 trainee participants who are good at dancing. Please debut, among all trainees from SM Rookies, He is one of the best … You know that he is very handsome but actually, he is more than that… To be honest, SM must let Ji Han-sol to debut. He has been a trainee for a very long time, you have Ji Han-sol’s debut!”

A fan’s outpouring represents the feelings and longings of every SM Rookies and NCT fan, who has also questioned his absence. He has been seen several times on the street by a fan and Ji Han-sol also did a dance workshop in Japan a few months ago.

Ji Han-sol Makes His Debut As A NewKidd Member In The MV ‘Will You Be Ma’

Ji Han-sol finally made his debut by releasing his first music video. In accordance with what was previously reported, this music video is titled “Will You Be Ma,” which was delivered by the four members of NewKidd, formed in the Lemme Spoil U sub-unit.

Ji Han-sol is a former SM Entertainment trainee who almost debuted as a member of NCT. He is currently participating in The Unit survival program and is gaining great popularity.

NewKidd itself is a boy group made by the J-Flo Entertainment agency, the place where Ji Han-sol took shelter. The Lemme Spoil U sub-unit has four members, namely Hansol, Yunmin, Jinkwon, and Woochul, all of whom are born in the 2000s.

“Will You Be Ma” is a pop song accompanied by the EDM music genre tropical house. In this song, the four NewKidd members showed their vocal and rap abilities, and even their handsome faces.

Even Though He Debuted With NewKidd, Ji Han-sol Regrets Canceling His Debut With SM Rookies

New groups debut one by one. One of them is a boy group named Newkidd. Newkidd is a boy band that debuted under the J-FLO Entertainment agency.

Reported by Grid.ID from Soompi, this group held an interview for their debut. Ji Han-sol is a member for Newkidd, who has gained popularity after his appearance in The Unit program. He also had time to promote with the UNB group despite having to step down because of an injury. In addition, Ji Han-sol is also known as a former SM Entertainment trainee.

He was also introduced to the public as the SM Rookies which were prepared as prospective NCT members.

“I don’t regret the fact that I didn’t debut there. But I’m sorry that I can’t debut with friends when I’m a trainee together,” Ji Han-sol said when asked about his status as a former SM Entertainment trainee.

Even so, he stressed that he is very happy to be able to debut as a NewKidd member.

Being A Trainee At SM Entertainment, Ji Han-sol Invited EXO’s Suho And Kai On His Debut Album

For fans of SM Entertainment, of course, the name of Ji Han-sol is not unfamiliar. He is a former SM trainee who also joined SM Rookies. SM Rookies represents the chosen trainees who are a step closer to debuting.

However, Ji Han-sol then decided to leave SM Entertainment and join other agencies. His new agency is J-Flo Entertainment that later made him attend The Unit survival program. Ji Han-sol, who is currently debuting with UNB, still shows his closeness with his seniors at SM Entertainment.

Reported by Grid.ID from Kstarlive, Ji Han-sol mentioned Suho and Kai from EXO in messages about his debut album. He wrote his gratitude to everyone who has supported and helped his debut. Among the many names he mentioned, fans realized that there was the name EXO Kai and EXO Suho in the message.

“For people who always support me from behind, Junmyeon hyung and Jongin hyung,” Ji Han-sol wrote.

Then, while still participating in The Unit program, Ji Han-sol met with SHINee’s Taemin. Ji Han-sol has also been seen as a back-row dancer for SHINee’s Taemin and EXO’s Lay.


Whatever decision is made by Ji Han-sol, let’s continue to support him even though he didn’t debut with NCT!!!