All About Ji Chang Wook’s Latest News Information That You Need To Know!

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Ji Chang-wook’s Latest News

Who doesn’t like Ji Chang-wook? Every girl around the world should be falling in love with him! As he is still in conscription, you may curious about his latest news! Is his conscription going well? Well, you better check this out!

Ji Chang-wook’s Appearance in Shinheung Military Academy

His popularity and good talent made him unable to resist the call for acting. He is still doing his service for the South Korean military, but he joined an audition for a musical drama and yup! He takes a role in musical drama name Shinheung Military Academy. In that musical drama, Chang-wook reunites with actor Kang Ha-neul and he will also be acting together with Infinite’s Sunggyu.

Shinheung Military Academy is a musical drama about young people who gather in Manchuria to start military academies during the Japanese colonial era. This musical drama will showcase the struggle of South Korean youth to restore state independence from the Japanese imperial army.

The musical drama is scheduled to be held on stage at Theater Yong in the National Museum of Korea, Seoul, from September 9th to 23rd. Chang-wook is playing the character Dong-gyu, a freedom fighter and brilliant student of the academy whose father is an anti-Japanese Confucian scholar.

Ji Chang-wook’s Latest Update on Instagram

His lastest update on Instagram is a picture of him and his mom. He uploaded it when he had a break from his army service. The picture was uploaded on May 5, 2018.

In May, Ji Chang-wook uploaded some pictures and videos again to his Instagram. Fans were shocked yet excited to see his latest post.

On July 11, 2018, Ji Chang-wook appeared on Jinkee Pacquiao’s Instagram, the wife of a Filipino boxer. She visited South Korea during that time and Pacquiao had a chance to meet Ji Chang Wook. Not only Jinkee, his husband and the whole family also took a picture together with Chang Wook.

Now, Ji Chang-wook is back to his conscription duty and can’t be active on Instagram for the time being. Let’s wait until he is discharged in early 2019, girls!