About Ji Chang-wook: Profile, Movies, Abs, Plastic Surgery, Family and Songs

List of Ji Chang-wook’s TV Shows and Movies

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As was explained previously, Ji Chang-wook is an actor with versatile experience as he has starred in many kinds of role. Not only having played the typical hero, Ji Chang-wook has also taken on the challenge of doing the villain role, and one of his most famous villainous characters was on MBC’s Empress Ki. Besides dramas, films, and theater shows, Ji Chang-wook also became a model in music videos for singers and groups several times, and a guest on variety shows. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television series, films, theater shows, music videos, and variety shows that Ji Chang-wook has starred in and appeared on.

2005 – MBC Nonstop 6 (as Guest Role on episode 1 First Scene)

2006 – Days…

2007 – Musical theater Fire and Ice

2008 – Sleeping Beauty (Supporting Role as Jin-seo / Sleeping Beauty)

2007 – Music video of Lena Park featuring Dynamic Duo’s Are You Ready

2008 – KBS2 You Stole My Heart (Supporting Role as Lee Phillip)

2009 – KBS2 My Too Perfect Sons (Main Role as Song Mi-poong / Student)

2009 – Music video of Younha’s We Broke Up Today

2009 – Music video of T-ara’s Falling You

2009 – KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook (as Guest on episode 350 and 375)

2009-2010 – MBC Hero (Supporting Role as Park Jun-hyeong)

2010 – SBS Running Man (as Guest on episode 211 and 212)

2010 – Music video of Young Gun’s I Have to Let You Go

2010 – Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (Supporting Role as Soo-il)

2010-2011 – KBS1 Smile Again / Smile, Donghae (Main Rrole as Carl Laker / Dong-hae)

2011 – Music video of T-ara’s Cry Cry

2011 – Musical Theater Thrill Me (Supporting Role as Richard Loeb)

2011 – SBS Warrior Baek Dong-soo (Main Role as Baek Dong-soo)

2011-2012 – Channel A Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (Main Role as Han Tae-yang)

2012 – SBS Five Fingers (Main Role as Yoo In-ha)

2012 – Music video of T-ara’s Lovey Dovey

2012 – Music video of K.Will’s I Need You

2013 – Musical Theater The Days (Main Role as Moo-young)

2013 – Musical Theater Jack the Ripper (Supporting Role as Daniel)

2013 – Musical Theater Brothers Were Brave (Main Role as Lee Joo-bong)

2013 – How to Use Guys with Secret Tips (Supporting Role as Hong-jun’s brother)

2013 – Music video of Speed’s That’s My Fault

2013 – Music video of Speed’s It’s Over

2013 – Music video of KARA’s Runaway

2013-2014 – MBC Empress Ki (Main Role as Toghon Temur / Ta Hwan)

2014 – DRAMACube KARA Secret Love (Main Role as Guardian Angel on episode 9 and 10: Have You Had a Coffee with An Angel?)

2014-2015 – KBS2 Healer (Main Role as Seo Jung-hoo / Park Bong-soo / Healer)

2014 – Musical Theater The Days (Main Role as Moo-young)

2015 – The Long Way Home (Supporting Role as Nation’s armed forces conscription military police)

2016 – Hunan TV The Whirlwind Girl 2 (Main Role as Chang An)

2016 – tvN The K2 (Main Role as Kim Je-ha)

2016 – Musical Theater The Days (Main Role as Moo-young)

2016 – Naver TV Cast First Seven Kisses (Main Role as Ji Chang-wook / Secret Agent on episode 3 and 4)

2017 – SBS Suspicious Partner / Love in Trouble (Main Role as Noh Ji-wook)

2017 – Fabricated City (Main Role as Kwon Yoo)

2017 – Your Name (Dubber as Taki Tachibana)

2017 – The Bros (Guest Role as Young version of Choon-bae)

TBA – Two Constables

TBA – HBS Mr Right (Main Role as Wang Wei An)

List of Ji Chang-wook’s Songs

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Recognized as a rising actor in South Korea, Ji Chang-wook never ceases to surprise the public and potential fans such as the fact he actually has a nice voice! It has been proven, as he has sung many songs, be it his own songs or songs for the soundtracks of the television series that he has starred. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs by Ji Chang-wook that you may want to listen to!

2011 – Meet Again (original soundtrack of SBS’ Warrior Baek Dong-soo)

2011 – Oh Sing Sing Men (featuring Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Young-kwang, Shin Won-ho, Sungje, and Supernova’s Sung-je and Ji-hyuk for original soundtrack of Bachelor’s Vegetable Store)

2011 – Your Warmth (Japanese singles)

2012 – Fill Up (original soundtrack of SBS’ Five Fingers)

2014 – To the Butterfly (original soundtrack of MBC’s Empress Ki)

2015 – I Will Protect You (original soundtrack of KBS2’s Healer)

2016 – Be With You (Mandarin singles)

2016 – Kissing You (original soundtrack of Naver TV Cast’s First Seven Kisses)

2017 – 101 Reasons Why I Like You (original soundtrack of SBS’ Suspicious Partner)

Ji Chang-wook’s Abs

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Besides being skilled at acting and having a charming face which is able to bewitch women, Ji Chang-wook has another feature which may be viewed as an important thing to possess if you are a male celebrity: abs.  Ji Chang-wook has showcased his effort in gaining abs on several occasions, such as in magazine photoshoots and drama shoots for Healer and The K2.

ji changwook
ji changwook
ji changwook

We can see that, at first, Ji Chang-wook’s abs have already been developed, even though most part of his upper body is covered by the denim jacket. Then, during the filming of Healer, Ji Chang-wook’s abs are able to be clearly seen because he is totally topless! Finally, during the filming of The K2, Ji Chang-wook’s abs have been upgraded to be even firmer than before. Due to his character as Kim Je-ha, Ji Chang-wook also has a temporary tattoo on his stomach. Even so, Ji Chang-wook’s abs still look as amazing as ever!