After Winning KBS Awards’s Best Couple for Their Amazing Chemistry on ‘Healer’, What’s Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young Relationship Now?

Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young: KBS’ Couple of The Year in A Relationship?

In 2014, Healer’s star couple Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young was awarded the Best Couple award at the KBS Drama Awards, winning alongside other drama couples such as Eric Mun – Jung Yu-mi, Kim Sang-kyung – Kim Hyun-joo, Park Hyung-sik – Nam Ji-hyun, Lee Joon-gi – Nam Sang-mi. Their on-screen chemistry in the series is simply undeniable with sweet kisses and impermeable tension, it is only fair that they have won the award. The said chemistry is also one of the reasons viewers started getting suspicious about the true nature of their relationship. So are they dating for real or is it purely just acting? Let’s go and find out!

Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young in Healer

park min young ji chang wook healer

Healer is KBS’ late 2014 – early 2015 primetime drama that aired between the months of December and February. Airing on Mondays and Tuesdays, the drama garnered attention and viewership beyond those airing in the same timeslot. The drama itself revolves around the story of a group of professionals who are rounded up to solve a case from 1992, involving an illegal broadcast station. The superior acting and tight chemistry of the actors won over a huge chunk of viewers both domestically and internationally.

The response domestically is widely acclaimed with ratings reaching as high as 10 – 11% for one of the episodes. This is a very high rating, even for a national broadcast station, proving the drama is indeed a quality drama enjoyed by viewers of all ages. Internationally, the drama is broadcasted in countries such as Vietnam, Israel, Thailand, and The Philippines with ratings matching those in its home country. The domestic and international success of the drama brought on attention towards the main couple, Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young.

Ji Chang-wook’s Ideal Type and Relationships

ji chang wook ideal type

Ji Chang-wook has always been seen as the industry’s hottest bachelor, with many female fans lining up to be his significant other. With this in mind, there has not been a solid relationship scandal that has hit him, only he-said-she-said rumors about his relationships with co-stars, such as Nam Ji-hyun, Kim Joo-ri, and Ha Ji-won. Despite it, this fact does not hinder Ji Chang-wook from talking about his ideal type.

He has stated that he likes a fun girl who can communicate well with him and others, someone who can support him mentally and make him innocent and playful as if he was a child. Other than that, there were no other specific details he dived into since he doesn’t really care much about what field she’d be working in. When asked to point out his ideal women from Korean celebrities, such as Song Hye-gyo and Ha Ji-won, he chose Ha Ji-won.

Furthermore, he implored on the fact that he just wants someone to be able to click with him on a further level, instead of dating with a beautiful woman, he would start a relationship with the one who can make deep conversations with him.

Park Min-young’s Ideal Type and Relationships

park min young ideal type

Park Min-young is no different when it comes to her ideal type and personal relationships. She is very open to talking about the guy of her dreams yet very mute when asked about her real-life partner. This is further emphasized by the fact that she has not had any public relationships although she has been rumored of dating Baek Min-hyun, Lee Min-ho, and Park Seo-joon.

Regarding her ideal type, Park Min-young has mentioned liking a guy with a sharp appearance, who stays modest and reliable, and it will be best if he is humorous. As she has never met her ideal type before, so the so-called “ideal person” is just an idea. To this day, she claims that she has never seen her ideal type before.

Not only did she reveal things about her ideal type, but she also briefly talked about dating and marriage. She stated that she is ready to be a bride but the timing needs to be right for her to get married. She has not yet met the person she sees as her marriage target, at the age of 35, despite always thinking that she would be married by the age of 27 like most women do. Park Min-young also does not want love to be the only basis for her marriage as she believes marriage is hard work between both the groom and the bride.

In regards to her relationship status, she also stated that she wants to put aside love for a tad bit longer, to be able to enjoy working and being busy in the meantime. Although it is ideal for her to be in love and date at this age, as an actress it seems hard for her to find tithe me that can suit both her and her partner, thus she will rather wait. Park Ming-young also finds it hard to stop loving when she has already fallen, so rather than it becoming a distraction now, she would prefer to wait until she can wholeheartedly focus on it.

Are Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young Dating?

During the interviews and promotions done before and after the drama aired, the questions regarding their relationship rained in, yet none of their answers positively indicated that the two are actually in a relationship. As seen above, the two seem to be enjoying the success and projects that come with the drama, happy to be busy and active in the industry while they still can.

During a Healer press conference, in particular, the two answered a few questions regarding dating specifically. They revealed that as an actor and actress it is very hard to be dating someone as their schedule does not allow it, even more so publicly revealing their relationship, which could cause a change of heart. Not only that, they stated that it was easier to date in their 20s and they would prefer to focus their 30s solely on acting.

This might be the case of their public stance, which it is not to say that things couldn’t be different behind the scenes. But as of now, there has been no indication of the two revealing their supposed relationship to the public. So what do you think about Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young’s relationship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!