Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun’s Relationship Behind Hot Kissing Scene, Are They Dating?

Ji Chang wook and Nam Ji hyun

The relationship between Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun

Who has watched Suspicious Partner? This drama started on May 10th, 2017, and ended on July 13th, 2017. The leading actor Ji Chang-wook and leading actress Nam Ji-hyun were all over the Internet for their hot kissing scene in this drama!

If you are wondering what kissing scene, take a look at this video! If you’re looking for the specific part of their intense kissing scene, jump to 2:21!

See what people are talking about? 😉

Even from the start, Ji Chang-wook had felt that he and Nam Ji-hyun would get along well. He said so in one of the mid-shoot interviews. “I think I will be able to enjoy filming because the script is so fun and the actors all gel along well. Especially after today’s shoot, I think that Nam Ji-hyun and I will work well together.”

He also added that the two of them actually go to the same hair salon and even have the same hairstylist. So, he hears a lot about her and feels familiar with her. Then it looked just awesome on the screen. Their chemistry is on point, and even people are starting to wonder whether they are dating for real or not.

ji chang wook and nam ji hyun

Ji Chang-wook as Noh Ji-wook and Nam Ji-hyun as Eun Bong-hee were so cute together. Even on-screen, you can see that they are familiar with each other and have great chemistry. Their on-screen relationship is the so-called “Relationship Goals,” since they both always act cute when they tease each other, and see how Ji Chang-wook acted when he was jealous of her getting close to some other guy! Seriously, we can’t get enough of this cute and beautiful couple.

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nam ji hyun and ji chang wook

Them being comfortable and teasing each other is also visible on the set. In the making of the video for Suspicious Partners, it was shown how they get along. Check out the video below!

In one of the interviews after the drama ended, the reporter asked him about his thoughts on Nam Ji-hyun, to which he answered, “It was our first time working together in this show. Despite the age difference, I think I behaved like a kid and joked around. I wanted to be comfortable with her and communicate with her. We were able to develop a relationship where we could laugh and joke together regardless of our age.”

nam ji hyun ji chang wook

About the kissing scene, he said that they were able to do such a silent kiss and skinship because they could create an atmosphere that allowed them to do so. “I received a lot of help at the film set. I will take the initiative to ask the director what I should do to express something well. I will also ask my co-star, ‘How about acting like this?’ ”

On the other hand, Nam Ji-hyun also has shared her thoughts on Ji Chang-wook and their silent kiss scene. “We didn’t know that was a silent scene. After the filming, the editing and music staff did the editing. When I watched it, I realized that it was suddenly silent, but then the music was on again. That was when I realized that it was intentional.

She also said that Ji Chang-wook was very helpful during the kiss scene, “He talked and directed a lot. It wasn’t easy since we have to take a beautiful picture. We had to kiss at the right moment, so then the picture would come out nice. So we must concentrate a lot.”

Because of their height difference, the scene became more difficult for her. But Ji Chang-wook was so nice; he bent his knees so that she could reach him. She admits that she is feeling really grateful for him, and it turned out beautiful. He also tried his best not to feel awkward, especially when they filmed the bed scene. “I was very nervous, but the other co-stars paid a lot of attention to me. I’m grateful for them and Ji Chang-wook as well. He did his best to make me comfortable and relax.”

Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun

Well, we sure can see their relationship on the set and off the set as well. Let’s wish for the best for both of them!

Are Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun dating in real life?

Are Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun dating

Many dating rumors and gossip involving Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun after being paired up as the leading characters in the SBS legal drama Suspicious Partner in 2017. It was all because the chemistry they give and show on the screen looks lovely and adorable. Fans and people who have watched their interaction would agree and think that their relationship was more than just acting, especially their romantic scenes. The kiss scenes they did were so intense, and they look like a real couple, which brought up the dating rumors between them.

The lovely and cute interaction of Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun was shown in the drama and behind the scenes of drama. Ji Chang-wook looks so comfortable around Nam Ji-hyun; they both like to tease and joke with each other, which looks so adorable in everyone’s eyes. Even though both have acted in many different dramas and have been paired up with many actors and actresses, the chemistry between them looks too adorable, if only just for the show.

However, when the dating rumors and gossips about them started to spread around the time after the drama ended, there was no official announcement or confirmation from either of them. After the drama ended, Ji Chang-wook enlisted in the military and took a hiatus from the entertainment industry.

Who is Ji Chang-wook’s current girlfriend?

Ji Chang-wook's current girlfriend

Ji Chang-wook is quite popular and has become very big by gaining many fans, especially girls and women. Because of the popularity, he has achieved a great number of fans and people curious about every single thing about him, including his personal life and especially his love life.

Debuted in 2006, Ji Chang-wook has acted in many dramas and films. Acting in many dramas and films has allowed him to work with many beautiful actresses and female celebrities. The chemistry he has shown in every one of his projects has brought various dating rumors and gossip about him. Almost every project he has worked on has been surrounded by dating rumors and gossip involving him and his partner because of their chemistry during the project they were working on.

Though there are many dating rumors and gossip about him, in 2020, Ji Chang-wook remains single and is not in a relationship with anyone. Right now, he is busy with the web drama project together with Kim Ji-won as his partner.

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Who is Nam Ji-hyun’s current boyfriend?

Nam Ji-hyun's current boyfriend

Starting her acting career at a young age made Nam Ji-hyun familiar and popular in South Korea. She has acted in many dramas and films for almost 18 years since her debut in 2002.

Growing up as a child actress, to a teenager, then an adult actress, Nam Ji-hyun has worked with many actors and male celebrities, oozing different chemistry on the screen. Of course, this is something that very often gives rise to dating rumors and gossips involving her and her on-screen partner. Additionally, fans and people also curious and want to know more about her personal life, especially her love life: whether she already has a boyfriend or not and who he is.

One of the hottest dating rumors and gossips involving Nam Ji-hyun started to spread when she was paired up with Ji Chang-wook in the 2017 SBS legal drama Suspicious Partner. Though the dating rumors and gossip about them were spreading everywhere, there was still no official announcement and confirmation from either of them. And as of 2020, Nam Ji-hyun remains single and is not in any relationship with anyone.

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