What is BTS’s J-Hope’s Net Worth?

BTS’s J-Hope’s Song Credit List


In this section, we are going to provide you with all the information about the songs that BTS’s J-Hope has successfully released and composed as a tracklist which has also received positive responses from fans. As a musician, of course, there are many inspirations that can be channeled into good songs and of course, BTS’s J-Hope is able to make the best work and can get appreciation too.

Not only good at dancing and rapping, this man who has a birthday on February 18th also has several solo songs. Even some of the songs he wrote himself. He wrote the songs based on his experiences and feelings. Through these songs, he can convey his feelings and messages to all fans. One of J-Hope’s mixtape albums titled Hope World which was released in 2018 also managed to become the most popular album in America within one week of being released.

1 Verse is J-Hope’s first mixtape that was released in 2015. This 2-minute-54-second song has lyrics written by J-Hope himself. This song is a remake of The Game & Skrillex’s song “El Chapo.” In the lyrics, J-Hope expresses his feelings so far. How he received a lot of blasphemy and not praise during the 2 years of his debut until finally through these lyrics he revealed that he would show his best ability. This song is an answer to J-Hope’s haters that he also has a work that deserves to be appreciated.

Released in 2016 in the album Wings, this song by J-Hope is perfect for playing on Mother’s Day. Tells the story of a fate that depends on a mother. Again J-Hope writes his life story, where he often troubles his beloved mother when she is not successful and even the mother has to work far to provide a better life for her children. Wrapped in cheerful music, “MAMA” also has a deep meaning.

Released on August 24th, 2018, in the album Love Yourself: Answer, this funky hip-hop song was written by J-Hope himself. Trivia: Just Dance represents the first part of the narrative that begins to be told in the album Love Yourself: Her. This song is considered the introduction to the album Love Yourself: Answer.

The song “Hope World” is one of the songs on J-Hope’s mixtape album Hope World. Released in 2018, this song was written to show who J-Hope is. This song is made by J-Hope himself with a rap that can be followed by everyone.

Still in the Hope World mixtape album, this song is about peace. This song is one of J-Hope’s favorite songs. Even though the topics raised are quite heavy, he hopes to convey his message to the world, give strength to everyone so that they find peace in J-Hope’s music.

One of the mainstay songs in the Hope World album, this song has music that is nice to hear. Tells the story of J-Hope’s imagination, dreams, and desires. One of his wishes is freedom. One of the singles that J-Hope released while making this mixtape had a particular reason because he wanted to have a rap song that was easier to follow even though the listener didn’t really like Hip-Hop. Through “Daydream,” J-Hope also expressed his feelings about himself who has now become a K-Pop Superstar, but on the other hand, he still feels that he is still a Jung Hoseok who never changes.

Tells the story of J-Hope’s togetherness with all the members, how they went through this world together. “Always (Hangsang)” is an expression of how proud he is to be part of the BTS family. “Hangsang” also indicates that wherever, let alone being a public figure will always be assessed in various ways, so it is necessary to always remember the positive side that continues to tie oneself to goodness.

Straighten your head and roll up your arms. We must always be a group of young people who have such enthusiasm and remain calm when faced with obstacles. Stay passionate and believe in the vision. Fairer in judging. Like it or not, we have to get used to contemplating and looking for things that are wiser than a phenomenon.

J-Hope’s next song is “Base Line.” Not inferior to other songs, this song tells the story of J-Hope’s baseline. The baseline of his music, the baseline of his life, the baseline of his career. Describes how his struggle so far was this successful.

As the song title implies, “Airplane” shows a music video by showing an airplane flying over J-Hope. But different from the “Daydream” music video, “Airplane” no longer displays the figures of other BTS members. Interestingly, the “Airplane” music video apparently immediately drew positive responses from fans upon release. Unmitigated, the hashtag #Airplane immediately became a world trending topic on Twitter.

“Airplane” is also one of the mainstay songs on the Hope World album because he was inspired to write this song when he was on a plane. Since childhood, his dream was to board a plane, and now all his dreams have come true. He was both happy and proud when he could write this song.

Well, that’s all the information that can be given about BTS’s J-Hope’s net worth and how his career journey has brought him to his current position. You could say he is a member of BTS who is successful and also always wants to give his best by releasing many songs that inspire fans through his personal stories. Let’s continue to support BTS’s J-Hope. Hopefully, his career in the entertainment industry will be even more successful. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media, and stay tuned for the interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!