SOPE: Check Out BTS’s J-Hope and Suga’s Chemistry!

J-Hope and SUGA Promoting Hwagae Market

Hwagae Market itself is a large market located between Suga’s hometown in Gyeongsang Province and J-Hope’s hometown in Jeolla Province.

Through this Hwagae Market program, fans can witness the excitement of Suga and J-Hope’s friendship. They hold various segments and also interact with fans through the comments column which they can read in real-time.

Uniquely, if Suga and J-Hope were placed in the same room, they would definitely laugh out loud and make people who watch them laugh too. Their well-matched outfits have also become popular with fans, for example, their hilarious camo jackets and bright orange tracksuits.

J-Hope and SUGA Moments

However, that apparently escaped the attention of Army. It’s a fact that Suga and J-Hope are close in everyday life. Both of them are rappers from BTS, and they are also the earliest trainees that Big Hit Entertainment has trained.

Suga even came all the way from his home in Daegu to return to their dorm in Seoul because he was worried about J-Hope who was alone in the dorm. Not only did he come, but he also brought chicken for him. Meanwhile, J-Hope again reminds his fans that his friendship with Suga has been formed for a long time – by uploading photos of them from year to year on Suga’s 24th birthday on March 9th, 2017. With the uploading of these photos, many fans have become touched by the sincerity of their true friendship.

This photo that fans may have often seen is one proof of the friendship of BTS’s J-Hope and Suga which has been strong for a long time. In the summer of 2011, Suga and J-Hope took the time to capture their moments after training sessions. Their faces also look very young and cute.

2012 is also still the trainee period for Suga and J-Hope, but there is something special this year. As fellow rappers, the two of them came together to attend Eminem’s concert together. J-Hope, who uploaded his photo, revealed that it was raining heavily and they had to run to avoid the water droplets.

2013 is also quite historic for Suga and J-Hope, you know. The reason is, BTS debuted this year by releasing their first album titled 2 Cool 4 Skool. Now, apart from their trainee status, they are even getting closer. Just look at how J-Hope ignorantly takes a photo of Suga sleeping. Looks like their friendship is really fun.

In 2014, the word that best represented their friendship at that time looked very trendy in that era. They take stylish photos by the Han river, and their outfit is also very stylish, typical of swag rappers! Indeed, the basis of the two of them are friends, their clothes and styles are similar. Suga and J-Hope like basketball shoes, clothes with streetwear brands like HBA, Supreme, and Thrasher, and equipped with beanies that make them even cooler.

2015 was a turning point for BTS. Their popularity began to increase dramatically thanks to the release of the album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life and the song “I Need U” which was popular among many people. BTS collectively considered this period to be truly their happiest time. The success that BTS then felt managed to carve a happy smile on the faces of J-Hope and Suga who stood together on the stage, in front of the increasing number of loyal BTS fans.

Celebrating Suga’s 24th birthday, J-Hope uploaded his photos with Suga throughout their friendship. This photo taken in 2017 is the photo in between taking pictures for their album. It can be seen that J-Hope who is holding the camera is smiling sweetly, while Suga hides his child-like face under his paw sweater.

Of all BTS members, J-Hope was the first to celebrate Suga’s birthday on Twitter. With honest and touching writings about their friendship, what J-Hope did then moved Army to tears. J-Hope said that his friendship with Suga will continue from 2017 till forever.

BTS members are close like siblings, thanks to their decision to live together in a dorm, even after they are as famous as they are now. So it’s no wonder, the members really understand each other’s habits. Not only that, they can even guess the members from their breath sound.

This ability to recognize had happened long before this year. As revealed in BTS Festa 2015, Suga talked about his experience with J-Hope while on the toilet. At that time, BTS was attending a music event. Suga then went to the toilet and like one of the members who like to think hard, Suga was on the toilet he admitted that he was thinking about something very deeply. At that time, the owner of the real name Min Yoon-gi then sighed.

So, after that sigh, suddenly a voice came from the next cubicle, “Suga hyung?” Apparently, it was J-Hope’s voice who was also using the toilet. Apparently, just from a sigh, the owner of the real name Jung Ho-seok could recognize Suga.

Not only that, but Suga can also know the color and brand of J-Hope’s underwear. This hilarious moment was caught during the 97th Episode of Run BTS. At that time, J-Hope asked the members to guess the color of his underwear, and Suga immediately said that it was an easy question because he had seen it before. J-Hope was shocked and asked when Suga saw him. “I peeked when you changed your clothes,” he said casually, adding that he also knew J-Hope’s brand of underwear. “The two-color brand only,” he said.

J-Hope and SUGA Facts

Suga is known as a versatile BTS member. He is not only a rapper, but Suga is also known as a songwriter and producer at the age of 27. However, Suga’s journey to becoming the success he is today required hard work and sacrifice. Suga had to go through a long, winding journey. He had worked part-time even though at that time he was already a trainee.

Suga also had a motorcycle accident when he worked as a delivery person to make ends meet. When entering Big Hit Entertainment, at first, Suga thought of becoming a producer. However, fate had other plans. He could finally join the agency and become one of the members of BTS. This boy band is also reaping success, not only in Korea but also throughout the world.

During his time as a trainee, Suga formed a strong bond of friendship with fellow BTS member, J-Hope. At that time, they were both still trainees. Suga explained that J-Hope is a person who continues to motivate himself. “(He) is also very energetic. Usually, I don’t have a lot of energy but he always gives me energy,” Suga said while explaining J-Hope’s personality back when they first met, as quoted by Koreaboo.

J-Hope also praised Suga. According to him, Suga is a very kind and caring person. “He is like someone who doesn’t care about other personnel, but he really takes care of them behind their backs,” said J-Hope discussing Suga’s figure. Apart from having experienced financial difficulties, Suga suffers from a lack of support regarding his passion for music. Because of this, he actively fights mental health problems such as anxiety, loneliness, depression, and so on.

“Anxiety and loneliness seem to accompany me throughout my life. I give meaning to how I’m going to solve it, but I seem to have to study it all my life,” said Suga.

Now, he is starting to wake up and be confident, brave and become a better figure in looking at his future. He also always received full support from his friend. Not only supporting each other, Suga and J-Hope are also generous artist figures. Both are united in making donations. They both donated money to help children suffering from cancer and other foundations.

Well, all of that is information that can be shared about BTS’s J-Hope and Suga’s friendship which has been well-established so far. The two BTS members who are known by fans as SOPE also have a lot of memories and also very many achievements so it is no doubt that their friendship is of very good quality until now. Of course, as friends, they always support each other, especially everything related to their careers in the entertainment industry. Let’s continue to provide support for BTS’s J-Hope and Suga. I hope their careers as idols can be even more successful! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media, and stay tuned for the upcoming interesting articles from Channel-Korea!