Former SNSD Members Jessica and Tiffany: The Ups and Downs of Their Relationship

Introduction to “JeTi”

Jessica and Tiffany are former members of Girls Generation. The two performers have been close since before the group’s debut. They are being shipped by fans with name “JeTi”, which is a shortened form of their names. However, like relationships in general, their friendship has had its ups and downs. Want to know more about their friendship? Here’s the story for you!


“JeTi” of SNSD

Jessica and Tiffany are both from America. Tiffany, whose real name is Hwang Mi-young, was born in San Francisco, California. Jessica, whose real name is Jung Se-yoon, was also born in San Francisco, in the same hospital as Tiffany. When Jessica was on a holiday in Korea with her sister, she was scouted by SM Entertainment. For Tiffany, she passed an audition at the SM Entertainment Casting System. They both became trainees at the same agency. They spent their high school years at Korea Kent Foreign School, one of the most prestigious schools in Korea.

During their time as trainees, they become close because of their similar backgrounds. Tiffany and Jessica who experienced some culture shock when they moved to Korea, start counting on each other. Because they usually spoke in English, other members of the group start calling them the ‘Two American Girls’.┬áIn 2007, Jessica, Tiffany, and Seohyun collaborated for the song Love Hate, it was their first collaboration. In the video, they both look very young.

After that, Jessica and Tiffany begain to sing duets together in some shows. Because they were fluent in English, they often covered some American songs. One of them was Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera.

Their names also chosen as female celebrities who would succeed if they were interpreters. Because they’re always together, fans started to refer to them as “JeTi”. In 2009, they won Bestfriend Awards from Pops in Seoul, which was hosted by VJ Isak and Alexander from U-Kiss. In the show, the MC asked Jessica who her best friend was in Girls Generation, and she chose Tiffany. The reason is because they’re both from America. At first, Jessica who has a quiet personality, felt like she didn’t match with Tiffany’s more outgoing personality, but they become inseparable after their debut, because they talked a lot and stayed with each other. Jessica concluded that she couldn’t live without Tiffany. Here are some of ‘JeTi”s moments.

In August, 2014, Jessica and Tiffany were at the “MCountdown Night in LA”, held at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles. They were chosen as the representative for Girls Generation on the red carpet.


Jessica Left The Group

In 2014, Jessica announced her departure from SNSD through her Weibo. In her post, she explained her sudden departure from the group, saying that SM Entertainment forced her to leave. Later, the agency confirmed that Jessica left the group because of schedule conflicts, leaving SNSD with eight members.

Dispatch released a timeline for Jessica’s departure. On January 7th, 2014, Jessica had been talking about her intention to leave the group because she wants to get married. At the time, she was rumored to be dating a businessman, Tyler Kwon. She was also hinting that she wanted to get her life back. The other members’s responses were shocked and quite cold. Jessica then promised to stay with SNSD until the final album. After finishing the Girls Generation Japan tour, she started to back out of group activities to focus on her clothing line, ‘BLANC’, and her individual schedule. After the timeline was posted, Jessica and Tyler Kwon released a statement that they weren’t getting married, but confirming they were in a relationship.

Her departure created some conflict between the members. Some members wanted to respect her decision to get married, but they couldn’t reach an agreement. Jessica wanted to do Girls Generation, even if she was already expanding her business. This sparked conflict between Jessica and other members. When Jessica had to hurry back from New York, just the day before a fan meeting, the other members felt like she was treating the group like her second job.

When Dispatch released this information, Jessica released a statement that said she was forced to leave by the agency, because of her business. When she started the business, the agency said they would fully support her, but in the end, Jessica was kicked out. She also explained that she was committed to Girls Generation’s activity, but because of her work, she had no choice but to neglect it. Even though she felt sad about the situation, Jessica still treasures Girls Generation.


Are They Fighting?

Since Jessica left the group, there’s hasn’t been any news about her relationship with Tiffany. In some fancam footage of Jessica’s performance before she left, she obviously didn’t feel comfortable with some of the other members, such as Taeyeon and Yoona.

One time, Tiffany got into scandal when she posted a photo on her Snapchat with a caption of a ‘Tokyo Japan’ sticker that had the Japanese rising sun flag as the background. The flag is seen as a symbol of how Japanese used to invade Korea. Even worse, Tiffany posted the photo on Korea’s Independence Day, when Koreans celebrated their independence from invaders.

Because of the incident, Tiffany posted two handwritten apology letters and promised to be a better person. She even had to leave the show Unnie’s Slam Dunk. Not long after the scandal, Jessica posted a photo on her Snapchat with sticker captioned ‘I Love Seoul’. Her sticker seems contradictive with Tiffany’s.

Netizens speculated that this post is to give Tiffany shade, knowing their relationship hasn’t been good since Jessica left. But all of this is just netizens’ speculation. In 2016, Jessica was interviewed by one of the news outlets to promote her new single, Fly.

At the time, Tiffany also happened to release a solo song, titled I Just Wanna Dance, making Tiffany her rival.

For Jessica, Tiffany’s music style is different than her own, and she supports Tiffany’s activity. About her relationship with the Girls Generation members, Jessica revealed there are some members that she can’t keep in touch with, and others that she can. Even though Jessica doesn’t work with the group anymore, she hopes Girls Generation will be good for a long time.


Recent Interaction

In 2016, Tiffany and Jessica both attended Paris Fashion Week. The two of them were pictured separately, at different shows. There might be a possibility that two of them got together, but there aren’t any pictures to prove it. Here are the pictures of them at the airport before leaving for Paris.

There’s hasn’t been any news about a Jessica and Tiffany possible reunion after both of them left the group. We, SONE, hope the best for them!


Latest News

In 2017, Tiffany’s contract with SM Entertainment expired and she decided to become a solo singer. She personally wants to pursue her studies in America. Other members who left the group are Seohyun and Sooyoung. Both of them plan to pursue acting careers. That leaves Girls Generation with five members; Tae-yeon, Yoon-A, Yu-ri, Hyo-yeon, and Sunny. In June 2018, Tiffany officially debuted in America after releasing the single Over My Skin. She is under the Paradigm Talent Agency, to expand her music career and officially change her stage name to Tiffany Young.

In September, 2018, she released a music video for her new single Teach You. Hyo-yeon and Soo-young from Girls Generation and comedian Kwon Hyuk-soo all make an appearance on the video. Take a look!

Not only is she releasing new music, Tiffany also walked the red carpet at the 2018 American Music Awards (AMAs), and become the first female K-Pop artist to do so. She hopes she can perform at the AMAs, as well, because her work ethic is to go the extra mile and work even harder. In an interview with ELLE, Tiffany’s said she’s planning on going on tour in 2019, as well as get back to the studio and release a full album. About the tour, Tiffany is planning to hold a North American Mini Showcase Tour in 2019. You can see the details of the dates on her Instagram post.


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For Jessica, right now, she wants to focus on her brand, BLANC & ECLARE, and expand her business. Because of her busy schedule, Jessica got sick and she has to prioritize her health first. For herself, Jessica wants to be more mature and wiser for her age. She’s also planning to release an album and new content with her sister in 2019. To celebrate Christmas this year, Jessica released a song, One More Christmas, with a festive and cheerful melody. Can’t wait for her new song!