Everything You Need to Know About Jessica Jung’s Departure From SNSD

Netizen Reactions


Netizens who heard this news arguably believed it or not. There was a lot of speculation about what many considered to be heartbreaking news. SONE, the fans of Girls Generation, who had supported SNSD since the group started, couldnt believe this is happening. These are some responses regarding Jessica no longer being a member of Girls Generation.

She wasn’t hacked? It is real?

I guess it was true. Why else would they leave with only 8 members?.. Soshi is over too

This is crazy.. what is going on

There were rumors that Jessica wanted to get married and the company was making a fuss about it. I guess it was true 

It must be true that Jessica is getting married and how SM said she couldn’t

Heol, it’s true? Nooo … …  

What the heck.. please explain, Dispatch

Soshi please don’t keep things hidden from us

If that true, are they disbanding soon?

How unfortunate.. Soshi hwaiiting

Latest News about Jessica Jung


Jessica recently just released a new book called #SHINE, that is about her life and adventures.

Also, Jessica’s label has said, “Jessica is coming back on the 26th with a new single.” It’s been a while since her last comeback, which was in December of last year with a special Christmas album. Later, Jessica will releasing a new song with the music platform ‘Municorn‘.

Her new song is a collaboration with an artist that everyone will be surprised by. We’re planning on releasing a new song with a new style that shows Jessica’s unique voice. Please look forward to it.

That’s all about Jessica Jung’s departure from SNSD. In this life we can’t judge one to another, there’s always a story from other perspectives. Cheering Jessica Jung’s career in the future! Don’t forget to give your comments and share your thoughts below!