Profile of Ex-SNSD’s Jessica (Height, Hair, Makeup, and Diet Tips)

Jessica Jung, Ex-Member of Girls’ Generation

Who doesn’t know Girls’ Generation, the most popular girl group from South Korea? They debuted in 2009 under SM Entertainment with 9 members. The popularity of the group also gave popularity to each member. Jessica Jung began her career with Girls’ Generation and gained popularity. Let’s get to know her from entertainer to fashion designer.

Profile of Ex-SNSD’s Jessica

Real Name : Jessica Jung (제시카 정)

Korean Name : Jung Soo Yeon (정수연)

Stage Name : Jessica (제시카)

Position : Main vocalist and lead dancer

Birth : April 18, 1989

Blood Type : B

Zodiac : Aries

Height : 162 cm

Weight : 46 kg

Instagram : @jessica.syj

Weibo : @Sy__Jessica

Fun Facts:

  • She was born in San Francisco, California, USA
  • Krystal from f(x) is her younger sister
  • She and Tiffany were born at the same hospital in California
  • She was cast, along with her younger sister, while on vacation in South Korea with her family
  • She passed the SM Casting System in 2000
  • She moved to Korea from America at the age of 11 to become a trainee
  • She was a trainee for SM Entertainment for 7 years and 6 months
  • She was a part of Girls’ Generation
  • She announced on her personal Weibo account that she had been “forced out” of Girls’ Generation on September 30, 2014. Later, SM Entertainment stated that Jessica would no longer be a member of Girls’ Generation due to continuing scheduling conflicts
  • She also released a statement through her fashion company, Blanc Group, explaining that she had been asked to leave Girls’ Generation by the agency and the other members
  • Her final song with Girls’ Generation was “Divine”, which is also included on the repackaged version of Girls’ Generation’s Japanese greatest hits album, The Best
  • Her nicknames are Ice Princess, Sergeant Sic, and Sica-sama because of the cold and cool image she has
  • She cries when she is angry
  • When she is scared, she starts to make dolphin sounds and kicks anything in sight
  • Her hobbies are watching movies, shopping, and listening to music
  • She is good at singing and playing the piano
  • She can speak English and Chinese
  • She graduated from Korea Kent Foreign School
  • She was the most difficult SNSD member to wake up
  • She is dreadful when it comes to cooking
  • She played Elle Woods in the musical Legally Blonde
  • She also starred in Super Junior M’s “Super Girl“ music video and SHINee’s “Sherlock” music video
  • She and her sister Krystal had a reality TV show called Jessica & Krystal in 2014 before she left Girls’ Generation
  • She announced her solo debut with the title track “Fly” under her new agency Coridel Entertainment in 2016
  • She is currently a fashion designer with her own brand titled BLANC & ECLARE and is a solo artist
  • She confirmed that she was in a relationship with entrepreneur Tyler Kwon in 2013 and run a fashion business together
  • Her ideal type is a guy who has humor and is comfortable. During an interview, she said “I want a guy who gives comfort right from their first impression. Like a person who you feel like you have known them for a long time. My heart moves towards a guy who is considerate and has humor and wit whenever we see each other to not have any uncomfortable moments.”

Hair and Makeup Styles of Ex-SNSD’s Jessica

Jessica is known for having a flawless face. There were even some rumors that she had gone through plastic surgery, but that isn’t the reason for her great look. When she was still a part of Girls’ Generation, she had several styles for her hair. She had rainbow colors, a Harley Quinn inspired look, and short hair when promoting their single “GEE”.

She also colors her hair with black and brown-blonde colors.

She usually prefers no bangs, but sometimes she changes this up.

Now, she often colors her hair with blonde-brown colors.

She likes the natural look and doesn’t use much makeup. She demonstrated her daily makeup routine for her look in response to people asking her, “Do you even use makeup?”. She starts with her skincare routine. She doesn’t just rub toner all over her face but she lets it soak into her skin with cotton squares for a full minute. She tips to never skip this essential step and to apply the toner not only to the face but to the ears too. She doesn’t miss any spot when using the toner.

After she is done applying toner to her skin, she adds a thin layer of foundation. She also throws in a few of her beauty tips and tricks like using piano fingers to gently apply eye cream and heating up her eyelash curler with a blow dryer.

She also applies sunscreen to her face so she won’t get sunburned.

After that, she applies blush and eyeshadow with a perfect match to her skin tone as well as mascara.