Are Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob Dating? Check Out Their Confessions Here!

jessi and sangyeob

Is It True That Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob Are Dating?

In an episode of The Sixth Sense 2, the members looked very excited when discussing marriage. That time, Jessi began to openly show her interest in Lee Sang-yeob, which led them to be shipped by the viewers. Not only that, they also share moments together in the show.

Despite all the hints from The Sixth Sense 2, Jessi and Sang-yeob are not dating. Jessi admitted that they are only pretending to be dating. Even so, there is a possibility that in the future Jessi and Sang-yeob will confirm their dating rumors.

In this article, we will find out about Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob’s relationship and lovey-dovey moments on The Sixth Sense. Check this out!

Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob Are Not Actually Dating

jessi and sangyeob

Unfortunately, Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob are not actually dating. The two of them and their agencies never confirmed that they are in a relationship. Jessi and Sang-yeob’s relationship is only friends who tell flirtatious jokes towards each other even though the dating rumors are spreading around.

Yoo Jae-seok once brought up the dating rumors of Lee Sang-yeob and Jessi after seeing them fighting. He said, “But I heard that you two, Jessi and Sang-yeob, are dating?” Oh Nara added, “The scandal was busy all week long!”

“We’re just pretending to be dating,” said Jessi while embracing Lee Sang-yeob affectionately. Lee Sang-yeob himself didn’t say much, but he laughed cheerfully as if he was comfortable with the situation.

But, there is a possibility that Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob will be in a relationship in the future. Let’s wish the best for them!

Jessi’s Ideal Type Is Lee Sang-yeob?

jessi and sang yeob dating rumors

Jessi once said that Lee Sang-yeob is her ideal type in a Showterview with Lee Sang-yeob as a guest. They are playing bingo that matchmaking their ideal type of partner. Later on, Jessi said, “Lee Sang-yeob oppa is the one who is very close to my ideal type.”

As for Sang-yeob, he mentioned that he likes a chic and cute girl with a puppy aura. Jessi jokingly said that Sang-yeob’s ideal type is so close to her.

What do you think about their relationship? Let’s find out fans’ reactions to their relationship below!

Fans Reaction About Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob’s Dating Rumors

jessi and sangyeob

With all those cute moments, fans show good reactions towards Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob’s interactions in The Sixth Sense 2. Netizens hope that Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob will have a romantic relationship in the future. Check out some of the fan comments below:

“Sang-yeob stuttered right when he made eye contact with Jessi, and Jessi faltered after he gave her a melodramatic look haha,” wrote a netter. “I really support Sang-yeob and Jessi’s relationship. They are also types of each other if you don’t know,” added other netters.

“Jessi and Sang-yeob’s ships are sailing, haha ​​I can’t wait for the next episode,” said another netter. “I became the shipper of Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob, because they have great chemistry,” said another. “Haha the loveline between Jessi and Sang-yeob is coming soon, I really like it!” concluded other netters.

jessi and sangyeob

“Aaaah, Jessi and Sang-yeob made me scream. They look very adorable together,” wrote a netter. “Hahaha, we need names for Jessi and Sang-yeob’s ships,” added other netters. “They are Mr and Mrs Samgyeopsal haha,” said another.

“I’m very happy because our ship is sailing,” said the other netters. “Our cute couple. I’m looking forward to a new episode,” said other netters. “Let’s escort them to get married haha,” concluded others.

jessi and sangyeob

“Geez they drive me crazy. Our Queen Jessi will have her King and I hope it’s Lee Sang-yeob haha,” said a netter. “This is very funny haha ​​and they are adorable,” added other netters.

“I’m sure the passengers on the Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob ship will scream to their heart’s content after watching this episode haha,” said other netters. “I also like how they are very sporty. That’s why I like this show,” said another. “I hope they really are dating,” concluded others.

jessi and sangyeob

“Awww, my poor heart,” added other netters. “Will my ship sink? But they are too cute when together,” another said. “No, this is not happening. I have a feeling that they have feelings for each other,” concluded the other netters.

Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob’s Interaction During Sixth Sense

jessi and sangyeob

Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob are known to have a love line that is quite popular in The Sixth Sense 2. They also often show interest in each other like people who are dating.

Let’s see some of their interactions here!

Lee Sang-yeob and Jessi’s Undeniable Chemistry on The Sixth Sense

jessi and sangyeob

According to fans, Lee Sang-yeob and Jessi always show adorable chemistry while filming.

As is known, Lee Sang-yeob joined as a permanent member of The Sixth Sense after being a guest star in the first season. Similar to the first season, he again shows a sweet closeness with Jessi even though it is often interspersed with small fights.

In fact, Yoo Jae-seok had said that Jessi was the only member who takes good care of Lee Sang-yeob on The Sixth Sense. The reason is, Jessi is the person who most often responds to Lee Sang-yeob’s words when compared to other female members.

In the latest episode of The Sixth Sense, the chemistry between Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob stole the attention again. For example, when the members played a proposal game, Lee Sang-yeob and Jessi compactly accepted proposals from each other even though they were on different teams.

Jessi Confessed That She Really Wants To Kiss Lee Sang-yeob

jessi and sangyeob

In one segment of the new episode of The Sixth Sense, Jessi even openly confessed that she wanted to kiss Lee Sang-yeob. It started when the cast was waiting for the food to arrive.

At first, Jessi whispered to Jeon So-min that her seat with Lee Sang-yeob was far away. Sang-yeob who heard this immediately commented, “Come on, we face each other!”

jessi and sangyeob

After giving a short response, Jessi suddenly confessed that she wanted to kiss Lee Sang-yeob. She said, “I will kiss you one day.” Jessi’s confession, of course, was immediately greeted by the other members and the two guest stars present, Nam Ji-hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop. In fact, Yoo Jae-seok even protested it quite hilariously.

Jessi’s Mother’s Reaction About Her Relationship with Lee Sang-yeob

jessi and sangyeob

Jessi said what her mother thought about Lee Sang-yeob.

The revelation began when Jessi put her cell phone in Lee Sang-yeob’s bag like her own boyfriend. In response to this, the other members were immediately excited and began to tease the two.

“Your parents saw this too, right? Your romance. Did they say anything?” Yoo Jae-seok asked. “My mom likes it. My mom just visited yesterday, the day after tomorrow. She likes Sang-yeob oppa and she likes seeing him,” Jessi replied.

Although it sounded sweet at first, Jessi’s next words were unexpected. Because, according to her mother, Lee Sang-yeob looks very cute because the other members are always underestimating him. She explained, “She said it was really funny. She said we often underestimate him, but that’s definitely what makes this program so entertaining!”

jessi and sangyeob

Jessi’s mother’s opinion immediately shocked Lee Sang-yeob into silence for a while. The other members were immediately excited and laughed out loud after hearing the unexpected answer.

Seeing Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob seeming to get closer by the day, fans hope that they will really start dating. Moreover, Jessi had mentioned that she wanted to marry and be kissed by Lee Sang-yeob one day.

Well, that was all of the information about Jessi and Lee Sang-yeob’s relationship. Even though the two of them are currently not dating each other, let’s give support and also a lot of love so that in the future they will have their own happiness that can be realized.

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