The Comedian and Actor, Jeong Jun-ha’s Full Profile, Marriage, And Latest News

Learn More About The South Korean Foolish and Slow Comedian

Jeong Jun-ha was a member of the famous variety show Infinite Challenge. His career improved after his appearance as a permanent member of Infinite Challenge and he became a top comedian. He was cast in several successful comedy-dramas, especially the legendary sitcom MBC’s High Kick! Jeong Jun-ha appeared as the main MC in a number of successful culinary variety shows. He is known for his extra-large head and enormous appetite for food. Many times, Jeong Jun-ha was bullied for his timid and slow reactions. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk in more details about Jeong Jun-ha. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Jeong Jun-ha

Name: Jeong Jun-ha

Date of Birth: March 18th, 1971

Place of Birth: Seoul

Height: 186 cm

Instagram: junha0465

Twitter: Juna0465


Jeong Jun-ha previously worked as the manager of comedian and MC Lee Hwi-jae. He started appearing as a cameo on MBC’s Theme Theater and got his chance in a segment of MBC’s Comedy House-No Brain Survival. No Brain Survival was a successful comedy TV Program aired by MBC. He was brought as an additional permanent member of Infinite Challenge. The success of the show earned him offers to host many TV programs. He appeared in the musical play The Full Monty during the end of 2006 and early 2007 and participated in the highly popular movie Marrying the Mafia.

Infinite Challenge

Jeong Jun-ha’s foolish character got him recognition in the comedy entertainment. He was transferred to another comedy show, Infinite Challenge, which was on its second season. The first and second season of Infinite Challenge were met with low average ratings by the viewers. However, the members were beginning to find their character and other members’ characters. In Season 3, the initial concept of Infinite Challenge was changed and the average rating was improved.

Jeong Jun-ha and Park Myung-soo often quarreled during the shooting of Infinite Challenge. Park Myung-su, as the older brother, scolded and bullied the timid and slow Jeong Jun-ha. The viewers loved their chemistry and they were awarded “The Best Couple” Award at the 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards.

Jeong Jun-ha was famous for three things in Infinite Challenge: his body size, his large head and his appetite for food. He was mocked by members and guests for his extra-large head. When he was challenged to eat 50 plates of noodles in 5 minutes, he succeeded to eat all of them.


In an episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Jeong jun-ha told the story about his diet during Infinite Challenge. During the Infinite Challenge Milano Project, every member was auditioned for a fashion model. The member who succeeded during the audition could participate in the Milano fashion show. Jeong Jun-ha went on a strict diet and lost 30 kg in order to be in good shape and pass the audition photoshoot. He said that he sometimes fainted and got light-headed during the diet program. Despite the hard work, Jeong Jun-ha and other members failed the Milano audition. However, Jeong Jun-ha earned respect from other members and colleagues for his excellent body shape.

Awards and Nominations
Year Award Category Result
2003 3rd MBC Entertainment Awards Comedy TV Prize


Popularity Award


2007 Intellectual Property Protection Association Nationwide Citizen Ambassador


7th MBC Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize)
(with Lee Soon-jae, Infinite Challenge team and co-won)


2009 9th MBC Entertainment Awards Best Male Variety Daesang


PD Award
(Infinite Challenge team and co-won)


2010 11th Korean National Assembly Award Award For Best TV Programme of the Year
(TEO PD with entire directing members of Infinite Challenge)


22nd Korean Producers Grandprix Award For Best TV Entertainment Programme
(Co-winner, with entire directing members of Infinite Challenge)


2011 11th MBC Entertainment Awards “Best Couple” Awards with Park Myeong-su


2014 14th MBC Entertainment Awards High Excellence Award


2016 16th MBC Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize)


Top Male Excellence Award in Variety Show


Married Life

Jeong Jun-ha met his wife, a Japanese flight attendant, during a flight. Awed by her beauty, he gathered his courage and exchanged email addresses with her. He got married to Nina Yagi in a wedding ceremony at Shill Hotel, Seoul in May 2012. The newlyweds welcomed the baby boy Ro Ha in March 2013.

Latest News

After the termination of the nation’s variety show, Infinite Challenge, Jeong Jun Ha wondered what he will do instead, on the recording day of Infinite Challenge. He needn’t had to think because new schedules appear and keep him busy all week long.

On June 25th, 2019, Jeong Jun-ha passed the test to become a certified sommelier for Korean traditional alcohol drink. Every year, only six Koreans are selected as sommeliers. It seemed that he prepared the certificate for his upcoming project.

Jeong Jun-ha stars in a new musical play City of Angel. The musical is being performed from August 8th to October 20th, 2019, in Chungmu Art Center, Seoul. He plays the role of an antagonist old man.

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