Jeon Somi’s Weight Loss: Diet Plan, Workout Routine, Etc

Jeon Somi

Somi Needed IV Fluids After Losing Some Weight

Jeon Somi is currently one of the rising K-pop female singers under The Black Label which is also a part of YG Entertainment. As a K-pop singer, she has to maintain her performance and take care of her appearance as well. Speaking of that, Jeon Somi was reported to have lost some weight while preparing for one of her comebacks at that time.

As you guys can see, Somi’s appearance looks very sophisticated, and many people noticed that she gained some abs. However, there was an unpleasant truth behind her ideal body appearance; Somi used to get IV fluids after she lost some weight.

She explained while shedding some tears, “I dieted healthily. I told my fans not to worry, but I got an IV fluid. I couldn’t say it because I was afraid they would worry.” Although she once got IV fluids, it seems like Somi is taking care of her health better, and she is also paying attention to a healthier diet.

Jeon Somi’s Healthier Diet

In the past, Jeon Somi used to do a strict diet, and the result was very surprising. She could lose 4 kg in a week after she did the “Banana” diet. During that period, Somi only ate a banana for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Fortunately, she no longer does the diet. Aside from the strict diet, Somi also has another option for a healthier diet. Instead of ordering food from a restaurant, Somi prefers to cook for herself at home.

She ate a healthier version of cold noodles which contains lots of vegetables, konjac jelly, and fried tofu. She always monitors what she consumes and chooses healthy food options to maintain her body shape.

Jeon Somi’s Workout Tips

We all know that during some of Jeon Somi‘s performances on stage, she has shown off her amazing abs which make people gasp in surprise. She gained those beautiful abs after a lot of hard work, especially with strict workouts and exercise routines.

Here are some of Jeon Somi’s workout routines:

Dance practice– as one of the rising K-pop idols, Somi always regularly does dance practice to improve her skills. The dance practice also helps her to burn some fat in her body.

Pilates– many female K-pop idols love Pilates, including Jeon Somi. She does Pilates almost every day after her work is done, and it even helped her build some abs.

Jeon Somi: Her Transformation Before and After Weight Loss

Jeon Somi was already known for her ideal body, even during her debut era. However, she has lost some weight, especially during her preparation for a comeback as a solo singer. You can spot the huge difference in Jeon Somi’s body through these before-and-after photos:


Some of Somi’s fans have acknowledged that Somi is quite a foodie and loves to eat. Before she went on a diet, Somi had a type of curvy and healthy-looking body. She also had chubby cheeks which made her appearance look even younger.

Well, do you miss that era where we could see Somi with her round face shape and chubby cheeks?


After Somi did her diet, you can see a major difference. Somi looks thinner than before, and you can see her small waist and her jawline look sharper. Aside from that, Somi also successfully gained some abs, but the fact that her arms and her legs look way thinner is real.

Well, Somi is always looking good no matter what her weight is. all we want is to see her being healthy and happy, right?

Even though Somi has successfully lost some weight, it also caused some concern from the fans. We hope that she can gain some weight again and stay healthy always! Do you prefer Jeon Somi’s appearance in the past or her current appearance? Share your comment down below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media as well!